I have the most awesome sorce

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Aug 23, 2007
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Northern Nevada
I could not believe it. The man that buys my mini rex bunnies called me one day out of the blue and asked me if I use timothy hay. I said YES. He said I have 2 - 50# boxes of hay down here come and get it and we will settle later. I thought great this will work so great for the show. No mess with a bale of hay. So I went and got them and stuffed them in my trailer for next week. Then I called him and asked if he was ready for bunnies and he said YES. He also had 2 more boxes of hay for me. So I took him 4 bunnies and the deal we worked out is 1 bunny for 1 box of hay. This is the prettiest hay I have seen in a long time. I opened a box to use at home since I have what I need for the show.
Cool! It's so nice when you find a great source of hay. I have a great source too. I get the big square bales which are kind of a pain, but it pretty nice timothy with a bit of clover in it.

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