I am starting a rabbitry!

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Jess P

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Aug 22, 2004
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New Hampshire
After months of research, and talking to my mom, I have decided to start a rabbitry next year! Gallamist Mini Lops will be of course, specializing in mini lops. I just picked up an 8 week old doe to breed next year (and love

This is very exciting for me since I love rabbits, and want to promote the species, since they are such wonderful pets.

Here is our broken orange buck, Whisper

Oh, I love those guys. Sooooo cute! Used to have a dwarf black with white trim named "Rosebud" (not a lop)...such a sweetheart!

I'm thinking I might get a couple for my grandaughter next Spring. Tooo cute. I really like rabbits. And goats!

Thankfully, by grandaughter is an animal person, too. Can see a whole lot of new guys coming along in the years to come.
A REAL petting zoo.
Sounds like you had a silver martin netherland dwarf. Very pretty!

I know, now I am bitten by the mini AND the mini lop bug!
I love bunnies (and goats, too!). Congratulations and best of luck raising some precious cuties!
Sounds like fun! I like the looks of that rabbit, but I am being practical and raising meat rabbits.
Can't wait for more pics as you get more and start having kits born.
Showing bunnies is just as good as breeding adn raising them. It won't be long before you are addicted to showing them too!

Before you invest in your breeding stock I suggest you do a LOT of research on what is ideal for your chosen breed. If you jump in too quick, you usually end up selling adn starting all over once you realize you started with less than ideal animals!

I have a rabbitry too, I raise Holland Lop bunnies, the weeniest breed of lop.

Oh I really like that little boy!!! He has got to be one of the cutest bunnies I've ever seen!!
Good luck in your new venture, how exciting is that! I used to raise dwarfs and my little buck was just a love bug. After he passed away I decided to stop. I enjoyed it while I did it tho...it was pretty fun, and I always had buyers for my babies. Just wish they could live alot longer than they do. Keep us posted and let us in when the babies arrive!
When my daughters were young, we tried raising meat rabbits. White meat, no cholesterol, readily available in such a short time. Sounded good huh? It was a complete failure. The girls cried if we slaughtered any of them, (who am I kidding, so did I) so it was a very short lived venture. Kept one or two just for pets till they were gone. Rabbits are so cute and soft and fluffy and lovable! I love the big old lops too!

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