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Nov 7, 2003
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I think this will help relieve some concern about pets in the hurricane evacuation, a call has just gone out at the company I work for asking for donations of food, toys, crates, etc. for pets being evacuated here to Michigan with thier owners. They are now transporting the pets as well as the people!
I am so glad to hear that!!
We have some people and their pets here in MN also. Good news isn't it. I think they got here yesterday.
23 dogs arrived at the shelter in Wash. D.C. from the hurricane area. Another shipment is due to arrive in a few days.

Ginny StP
I saw an extensive piece on the news last night on the animal rescue in New Orleans. Even in areas accessible only by boat they are going in and getting abandoned animals of all sorts. This labor of love is being conducted by several animal welfare groups. I saw them bringing some dogs out of an abandoned home.
So they obviously are doing a thorough job.
Thank God for the people who are risking so much to rescue these precious ones. Our prayers are with you and pray they will all be reunited with their loved ones.

God bless,

We have plenty of pasture and shelter here should any equines (no matter what size) need a place to go until a permanent home can be found.

My husband's in Switzerland for the week at his father's 80th birthday celebration, so it's "jungle rules" here at Dun Painted Ranch!

Our home is available to any animal that needs pasturing. We have a wonderful vet that'll see to their needs and a soulful trainer who can help with emotional needs. Miss Cindy's just the resident feeder, kisser and pooper scooper!

Thanks Stormy,

for putting that on the Forum. I know there have been a lot of people concerned about the animals. It really helps to know that they are trying to get them out of there and to a safe place!!

I know that I could ever leave my pets behind but then no one really knows what you would do if you would be in that situation.
I'm so thankful too that they're rescueing the animals. The poor people have been through enough, they sure deserve to have pets back if possible and I dont' even know the animals and am just thankful for this news.
OH that is good to know!!

And BTW, not only is it a good idea because, well, they are pets and who the heck would want to leave them behind, but also....less animals to die and add their bodies to the mess. I am pretty worried about all the nasty stuff that has to be breeding in there from all the dead animals and people.
It's good news.

One thing that is scarring me though is about the animals in the shelters. I hope they give the people lots of time to be able to find them and be re-united with them. It would be so sad if the people that got separated from their pets thought they were dead and not be able to locate them.
I am a firm believer that our pets are good for our souls and what ails us.I think reuniting people with their pets will help them in their healing process after losing so much of the things in their lives. Thank God for all those who are helping in the rescue of their pets.The rescue crews are special angels here on earth
Just a pity they did not do it sooner- then the old guy who would not leave hos fifteen puppies would still be alive and the house would not have burned down due to a knocked over candle- they think. Oh, honestly, what is the point, I suppose it's better late than never!!

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