How was the Lake Elmo, MN show?

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Jan 1, 2003
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Larimore, ND
How many horses were there and how was the weather?

I've gone the past 3 years but couldn't get it worked into my schedule this time around

I hope to be there next year and showing again this time.

I've always liked that show and was just wondering what everyone else thought.

So who were the "big winners?" Speak up if it was you!!!
It was a fun show, and everything went smoothly. Numbers seemed down a bit, I think someone said there were around 130 horses.

Here's what I remember of the big winners:

Grand Champ./Res. Stallions:

Pinto Stallion (aged) shown by Michelle Prekker

RayGold Raymaker Kommandant owned Jim Raymaker, shown by Clair Severson (Toy's)

those are the two I remember

Grand Champion/ Res. Mares:

Send A Message SOS (my mare) shown by Sam Barth

(sorry can't remember any more mares, I was thrilled with my mare)

Grand Champions/Reserve Geldings:

Winning Color's Hijacker SOS (My gelding) shown by me, Chelsie

Oneka's Dandy's Simmer Down , shown by Sam Barth

Oneka's Raja's Classic REO, Shown by Sam Barth

Classique's Phantom Gold did well in Hunter/ Jumper and looked great and did GREAT in driving

Well there's some info for you, hope to see you next year!
My guess is that numbers are down there because of the lack of decent facilities and conditions for driving classes. That's why we won't go back 9after dealing with it for a few years) and I have heard the same complaint from several folks. It is a nice facility otherwise.
Personally think it is fine for driving. j

I get sick of listening to the people constantly complain. THey dont have a clue what gets put into them shows wether it be work or money wise.

YOu cant always please everybody
Oh and numbers were up compared to last year.

We will listen to them complain about everything under the sun. But if someday the show is no longer put on, they will complain about that as well. But then maybe they would think that maybe they could of stepped up to help. Its the same people who put on that show year after year with out any new help. THey are all getting burnt out.
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I like the show and the facilities - especially compared to some of the others we've gone too. I REALLY appreciate the barn with the big stalls with dirt floors - several shows we went to this year had tiny stalls with CEMENT floors. The in-hand stuff was all done in a small indoor arena and all the driving was done in the nearby outdoor arena which was nicely packed and had good footing. We also love that it is only an hour from our home - a HUGE plus. The show committee also did a good job and were extremely helpful and always available.

I am craving grilled chicken burritos from Taco Johns right now and there is one right down the road so guess what we also ate several times over the weekend.

I did hear the numbers were down a little but my impression was more so that a lot of people have shown a lot already this year and now that we are just a couple of weeks out from Nationals they wanted to give their horses a break - especially the young ones - and the other reason just being financial. This show wasn't any more expensive than others we've gone to this year but just with gas prices and various accumulated expenses some people just needed to pass on a show or two. There is some talk about possibly moving it to earlier in the season next year.

The best thing I came away from the Lake Elmo Show were several compliments on my children's behavior both in and out of the ring. Believe me, they are no angels so I am always pleased and surprised when I have people go out of their way to come up to me and talk to say what a nice family and what well behaved children I have.

As far as talking about show results I know it is a touchy thing here on the forum so usually I don't even bring it up but we have been working really, really hard at home and taking lessons and we happened to do well at the show and I am proud of my family. We did just OK in our halter classes - in the ribbons but no firsts (I am just NOT a good halter person and every horse we have but one could stand to lose a pound or two) but everything else performance-wise went great. It was a four judge show so it was hard to keep track of the specific results for each and every class - I just now looked at the trophies to refresh my memory and try to be accurate. Our kids of course, love to bring home trophies and have the most recent Lake Elmo trophies from this past weekend still on display on our buffet and we brought home 30 trophies total - almost all of them performance class related, and then a mess of ribbons of all colors. I am VERY proud of our "A" gelding star "Phantom". He was the "High Point Performance Horse" of the show, winning in Hunter, Jumper, Pleasure Driving and Roadster. My son (who is 7 years old) got one 1st in Youth Pleasure Driving with him and our newest "B" gelding "Lad" had wins in Pleasure Driving, Roadster and Youth Pleasure Driving with my daughter (she is 10). My daughter also won Youth Hunter and Jumper in both A and B divisions and both kids won 1sts in Youth Showmanship. We took four horses total though two of them just did a couple of halter classes and Hunter and Jumper, the other two are true all-round horses and did it all.

Being pregnant now I can't do Jumper and Hunter so I am doing the driving classes and my husband has been doing the jumping of all the horses and he loves it. People were teasing him because he was warming up and stretching out before the classes but then we were so proud of him because he won Open Hunter and Jumper and had the fastest time of all the teens and adults that jumped. "Fast Runner" or "Sprinter" doesn't exactly come to mind when you look at him so it was fun to see him go so fast and surprise everyone. He got lots of cheers. They moved Hunter and Jumper to the end of the day on Saturday instead of Sunday so it was fun to have a much larger crowd than usual cheering on the entrants.

Though I've talked about our "results" and how we did, I still go back to what really made the show weekend fun and that was getting my workaholic husband AWAY from work (sort of, he still had to watch the Viking game Friday night) and getting away for the weekend as a family and camping out in our trailer and having everyone - right down to our three year old pitching in and helping with everything. Washing horses, mucking stalls, feeding, grooming, clipping, etc. and then cheering each other on. Sometimes our three year old shows in Color class though this weekend he decided he didn't want to. We've found a "hobby" the whole family participates in and enjoys and works hard as a team and that is priceless to me. Early on when we first started showing (just last year) we had no clue what we were doing and usually didn't even place and yet came home feeling just as good and having just as much fun talking about what went right and what went wrong and what was fun and what wasn't, etc. Not everyone is in to showing and I had horses for years and enjoyed them just as much without going to shows but the whole experience of setting goals and learning and seeing hard work pay off has really meant a lot and I think will carry over into other areas of our childrens lives and even with my husband and I. It is so much fun also to see my husband learning and having fun.
Congrats to everyone on their placings! It sounds like it was another great show. I'm glad to hear numbers were up this year and with the gas prices, that is even more surprising! I personally like the facilities there and don't really understand why anyone would complain about the driving arena....although I don't drive so I wouldn't know I guess...
Ashley said:
Personally think it is fine for driving. j
I get sick of listening to the people constantly complain. THey dont have a clue what gets put into them shows wether it be work or money wise. 


Having helped put this show on in past years, I fully understand how difficult it is to please everyone. Grounds management does their best to accomodate a lot of different activities at the fairgrounds all going on at the same time, and there is the problem.

This year the show was lucky in that they were able to use the big outdoor, well-packed arena for driving because the "big" horse show was done in time. Some years, there were other horse shows being held in both outdoor arenas, and I think the reference to poor driving conditions was the fact that they had to drive on the TINY grass area that was between the goat barn and the barrel race arena -- it was so tiny that horses never got to trot with any extension. It was rough, bumpy and had no rail. Definitely TERRIBLE conditions for any type of driving and definitely NOT safe.

Another year they drove out in the grass parking lot on the north side of the showbarn (too small to drive in) where there were some deep holes that were marked with cones. Again, NOT safe.

It's just the luck of the day whether the big horse shows get done in time for the minis to be able to drive in the big arena. When they do, it's great. When they have to drive on the grass it bites.
There wasnt a big horse show going on the day of the driveing. HEnce the reason all the driving was on Sunday.
Ashley said:
There wasnt a big horse show going on the day of the driveing.   HEnce the reason all the driving was on Sunday.

Yup - that worked out very well this year - an excellent change in the schedule. I was just referring to some of the situations in years past. Hopefully more drivers will take note and start coming back to the show. Years past there were driving classes where even the big arena was pretty full, which is a GOOD thing...good horses and good competition. Hopefully that will happen again if the show can continue to use the big arena.
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