how to train Tinker to walk on my right side

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Apr 26, 2008
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First of all I want to thank everyone who has answered my questions. I think this forum is great and appreciate everybody's input. Tinker is so wonderful and I want to take her for a walk and to lead her where I need for her to go. She wasn' handled very much by her previous owner and we have made alot of progress with her as far as not being afraid of us, wearing a halter and letting us touch her and groom her. But, she refuses to let me lead her from my right side. She leads ok from the left, but I want to lead her correctly. She gets very frustrated and twirls around to get to the other side. Any suggestions for me and my little girl?


Put her between you and a fence. Then ask her to walk. If she does, reward her with a treat or a pat. If not, tap her hind end with a long whip while saying the command. She'll get it. As so as she starts walking, be sure to reward her. Then you can ask for more after that.
Put the lead under her neck and on her right side and over her back. It would be positioned like the right rien on a riding horse. Hold your hand over her neck, if she starts to push to the left, hip check her while you are pulling the lead, it will make her head go to the right and her body will follow. If she gets the idea but crowds you, a jab with a twig or a crop handle in your right hand (with the lead) will give her the idea to fall back in line. As it was already stated, this would work really well along a fence line.

If she twirls, stay in place, use the position of the lead rope to your advantage, & just pivot her back into place by making her do a tight circle.

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