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Apr 17, 2004
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Shelley Idaho
[SIZE=14pt]Heya All,[/SIZE]

How many sanctioned shows could you go to within 300 miles of your home this year?

My husband and I were just discussing how lucky we are to be able to go 6 this year.

Thanks for your input!

I don't know exact mileage, but I think only 1
, only have one at this time and it is an hour away........(I am in AR)

Most of mine are about 325-350 miles I think(dont' remember mileage off hand), about 6-7hrs away (these are in OK, IL, MO, TN, TX)

Though I have went as far as 10-11 hrs away to go compete against different horses/farms. Thinking about heading out next month for one 9hrs away....

I usually avg 5 AMHR shows, R Nationals, and an AMHA in the fall (right now can't miss college back to back for R and A Nationals.....)
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Let's see... our club puts on from four to seven shows a year, depending, so there are those. Then the show in Idaho we just got back from, it was only about a 3 1/2 hour drive. We've been going to the Walla Walla show for a couple of years now but it is about a ten hour drive so that is farther. The shows we go to in Wyoming and Montana and Arizona take about that long to drive to also, so I guess just our club's shows and the Snake River Club's show.
We will do 6 this year-- but one was not within 300 miles. We went to the Michigan Hackney/ASPC?AMHR show as well and had to cross the border to go to it. Took us about 8 hours to get there-- took 2 hours just to creep across the bridge at Port Huron, the traffic was so bad. Four shows are within 2 hours from home but we leave at 5:30 to be in time for measuring. The last show is only an hour away, so we are lucky here this year. WE have 3 grandchildren showing wiht us this year, so they are having fun as well.
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