How many horses will be there??

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Dec 1, 2002
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Mount Sterling, Ohio
I just read on one of the other boards that there are 2200 horses entered for Nationals?!?!?! IS THAT TRUE??? I can't imagine that there would be a 50% increase in numbers from last year!

I spoke to Lenard Davenport this weekend and he had 1800 horses entered.. Last year we had 1498,, give or take a couple.

So yes it has grown but it has not grown 50%... It should be a great Nationals with lots of great Competition..
WHOOO HOO that is a great increase 1800 is nothing to sneeze at ok so more competition but that means more wonderful horses to look at and handlers to watch and friends to meet YIPPEE

anyone know the numbers for last years World show? just curious
WOW 1800!! Man O Man I can't wait!!!!

Geez I already have butterflies!

I have to make a point to meet some of you guys there, so I'll look up as many of you as I can!
Is this A or R you are refering to? There were about 1600 last year when I went to R I think... That is totally AWESOME!!! Wish I was not going to miss it this year. Am heading for a couple of weeks overseas, so wont have any vacation left to attend Natl's this year.

I think Belinda is talking about AMHR unless Leonard Davenport is handling both the AMHR and the AMHA.
One thing to remember you can not compare AMHR National numbers and AMHA World show numbers since AMHA only includes 34 and under horses and AMHR includes both 34 and under and 38 and under.
HGFarm said:
Is this A or R you are refering to?  There were about 1600 last year when I went to R I think...  That is totally AWESOME!!!  Wish I was not going to miss it this year.  Am heading for a couple of weeks overseas, so wont have any vacation left to attend Natl's this year.


There was only about 1500 horses last year and that was a record. In the Journal this month they were saying they are going to have another record breaker this year! Hopefully Tulsa will be ready for us lol.
wpsellwood said:
One thing to remember you can not compare AMHR National numbers and AMHA World show numbers since AMHA only includes 34 and under horses and AMHR includes both 34 and under and 38 and under.

Oh, I don't know if that is particularly true. For example, I own around two dozen horses, but I bring only TWO to Nationals. About half of my herd is under and the other half over. Pretty much all of the under horses are also registered AMHA, so if I were to show at AMHA World, I'd have plenty of horses to choose from to take. I just prefer to go to AMHR Nationals instead. I'm sure that the majority of miniature owners have both over and under minis, so could do the same.
[SIZE=14pt]Im with Magic, Im taking three to nationals and all three are A sized horses..... All 3 are amha eligible.... I also choose to do the R nationals over the A.[/SIZE]

It is funny i hear that argument often (not saying you were arguing) about comparing numbers and yes it is true that you can have B horses although 3 out of 4 horses I am bringing are A sized but...

I still think it is easily possible to see if AMHA numbers for there World or National show have been going up or down and what they were for the past 3 years or so
Who is the fellow that announced the Nationals last year? He had the numbers and posted them not too long after both shows were complete. If I remember correctly he said the number of horses at both shows was approximately the same but that AMHR had way more class entries meaning that the horses that were there were shown in more classes per horse than at the AMHA World Show. I think he said the class entries for AMHR were three times what AMHA was.... but I could be wrong.

What is his name? I know alot of people on this board know and respect him.

Ginny Long
Last year I made a spread sheet of entries at both shows. They were about the same when compared equal class to equal class. If someone would send us our show catalog from AMHR (we are entered but won't be there) I will do the same thing again. I am working on convincing AMHA that we need to overhaul the system for qualifying for the AMHA World show.

BTW, in February, one item that will come up for vote at the National show, is the addition of a versatility class! Come to Florida and VOTE!
Jenny you might be talking about Mark.. I do know that the horses at AMHR Nationals do enter more classes per horse..

But the figure I said was not entries but HORSES ! and I was at AMHA World last year and there was no where near the amount of horses that was at the AMHR Nationals...

But I think a lot of that has to do with the cost of entries.. It is about half as much to enter R Natioanls as it is to go to AMHA Nationals. I just billed a client for the AMHA Regional and the AMHR National show at the same time.. Same horses same classes ,,, Her bill was $200 more for AMHA Central Regional than AMHR national...

So to me that might be a big part of the reason for such a increase in numbers.. And also we always have such a great time...

Can't wait for the Party Night on Friday... Liberty and Party with the Flamingo's...
Last year it was announced that there were 1664 horses entered, making it the largest horse show of ANY BREED in the world at that particular time. However, later , it was printed in the Journal that there were only about 1550 horses entered -- so I don't know what happened to the rest of them, but that was announced in the show ring at one time.

Anyway, it was a huge & wonderfil show & I am sure it will be this year as well.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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Yes Belinda it was Mark Bullington. He posted the number of horses that were at each show. I honestly thought he said the same number of horses at each, but my memory isn't what it used to be so I could be way wrong... LOL.

Ginny Long
I wonder if the number of entries per horse at the R Nationals has anything to do with the method of qualifying. For those who might be unfamiliar with the process, you only need to compete at two shows, under at least four judges to qualify and then you can enter as many classes as your horse is eligible for. So, for example, a horse could be shown in only one class at those two shows and, regardless of whether it placed or not!, it's qualified. In the AMHA, though, you must qualify for each class you want compete in at the national show, which means you have to actually PLACE (top five, if I remember correctly) at your qualifying shows. It's one of the few things I like better about the AMHA than the AMHR.
and Sunny thatis the thing i like most about AMHR if i had to pay go out of state to qualify by points (here I still have only one R show in my state) I wouldnt be able to afford to go to Nationals anyway

I was asking not cause i really cared how many were at each (boy that sounds more snotty then i mean it) but I was just wondering if the numbers for AMHA were going up as much year after year
Sunny you are correct it is top 5 that qualify but only at the Championship Show classes. If you don't go to the Championship show then you have to get a certain number of points. For example, a two year old stallion has to have 6 points to be able to show in open halter. You get one point for every 3 horses shown. So in a class of 3-5 horses the first place horse would get 1 point. In a class of 6-8 horses the first place horse would get 2 points and the second place horse would get 1 point (and so on).

But AMHA also has a hardship qualifying rule where you can write in and explain your situation and get the points waived if there are no shows near you or if you attended shows and the class you wanted to qualify in was not offered or there were not enough horses. We have never had problems qualifying the horses we wanted to show, but then we are in Florida and have shows here year round, both AMHA and AMHR shows and pretty good sized ones.

Ginny Long

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