how many drinks does it take to fall off a barstool?

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Mar 19, 2005
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South Central, KY
None apparently!

I was standing on a barstool yesterday, cleaning a ceiling fan when I fell off. My feet got tangled in the back of the stool so I came down, HARD, on my wrist (and various other body parts all of which are a lovely shade of blue this morning) But my wrist was very sore, and my whole hand started to swell so off we went to the emergency room. I was extremely lucky that nothing was broken but my husband took fiendish delight in telling everyone I fell off a barstool. So, naturally, the first question asked by all the emergency room people was "How much alcohol was involved?" He got the biggest kick out of that! And everyone was laughing and teasing us.

Today I have a lovely splint on my wrist as I have a severe sprain. And I am wondering how I am possibly going to work tomorrow as my job is data entry. LOL

I was extremely lucky, actually, all laughing aside, as it could have been much, much worse. I was sure I had broken something because of how I fell and how badly it hurt. So I was much relieved to hear it was nothing serious. Any my hubbie got the biggest laugh out of the entire thing. (So did the people in the emergency room!)

It certainly would have hurt less if you'd had a couple of Margaritas in you.
Aww thats too bad!!

Does remind me tho when I was highschool age, I was breaking a young Arabian and something happened and I was knocked out. To this day I have no memory of what happened, but anywho, I had a VERY VERY bad black eye. Had to go to school that way.

Everyone kept asking who beat me up, I kept telling them it was a horse accident. The reply was always "ya right"

I don't think anyone ever did believe me. Boy that was embarrassing!

Glad you'll be ok.
Oh no!!!

I'm sorry you fell but I agree -- if you'd been drinking it would have hurt less

Hope you're feeling better soon!
Ouch! I feel for you.....but have to say a little humor makes everything better and you sure have a fun story to tell. Hope your wrist and other parts are feeling better soon!
Ok.....I'll say it.....What in the world were you doing standing on a bar stool???? :DOH!

Sorry, just my motherly instincts clicking in.
Sure glad you weren't hurt worse.

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