How long can she hold this baby in?

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Apr 17, 2004
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Shelley Idaho
Hey All

I am not a donkey breeder. I have owned a donkey for a few years. I have a Jennet that was bred last year between April 23 and April 30. She is definantly pregant. She has still not had this baby. How long can this go on? Should I be worried. The weather here has been really weird.. does that have anything to do with it? I have no experience with donkeys, just big and mini horses so I am at your mercy....

I lost my only mini foal this year and I am so anxiously awaiting this baby. Her bag is hard as a rock. No wax (if they wax?)

Thank you so much in advance....

Nervous donkey mom

Average Gestation: 11 months, 3 weeks, 5 days. (Unlike other animals, donkeys can carry their foals from 11 months to 13 months.) Most are not rebred until their second heat cycle, some 30 odd days after foaling. Some jennets will not conceive until their foal is weaned. Taking all into consideration, the average jennet produces one offspring every 13 to 14 months.

Thank you sooooo much. This is killing me!!!!!!!! I want this baby!!!!!

Hi Tammi, Just think when she finally does have that will be just that much more excited after waiting SOOOOO long for it!If her bag is hard, and her nipples point outward, (not inverted)it should be any day now. I just had one of my jennys foal 6 weeks ago, she was 12 months and 27 days...but had a sweet jack. My jenny who had the hinny, was 11 months. These donkeys sure like to play waiting games with us! Hope everythinggoes good for you with her foaling and I am sorry to hear about the foal you lost. Corinne

Thanks for the info. Her bag is hard and her nipples are pointing straight down. I can see the belly has dropped down more today and you can see the line of the bottom of her ribs. Maybe I am just doing some wishful thinking and seeing ...

Everything I researched says they foal like a horse. I hope this is true. I am just so excited.. She has to have it this weekend because we will be showing over Memorial day weekend. I talked to her everyday but she won't listen.

Thanks you two for the help! I love the info and I get from this board.

Tammi, they do foal just like a horse. I did have one jenny who decided after only one push....FORGET IT, THIS IS WORK AND PAIN! I ended up delivering that foal completely, I had no choice, but go in and get him, by the time my vet wold of arrived it would of been way to late, that was my hinny, Snickers. Everyone else has had a normal and easy delivery. Good luck at the shows! Corinne
Okay folks, I can see the line of my donkey's ribs...her nipples are long and pointing straight down, but her bag still looks a bit deflated. Is she going to foal sooner, rather than later??? She's carrying a hinney...Oh my god, now WHAT!!!??

Kim R

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