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May 5, 2005
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I have to clean out my horses water troughs every other day due to slime! Is there something i can put in the water to help prevent that!
A few drops of bleach works wonders... I was h my tanks out with bleach and there is aways a small residue left and that keeps the slime away I don;t have to clean more then once a week then and also keeping the tank out of the direct sun will works wonders also. If possible that is.. I keep mine inside there shelters so little if any sun gets to them heps a bunch, But One tank is out in the sun some.. But the Bleach in the water works fine..
How much bleack do i use?

It wont hurt the horses?

The bucket is a cut 55 gallon drum, probably just the bottom 1/3 of it.
Were are they located (the troughs) Sometimes were they are located can cause the severity of the slime and residue. We moved them and only have to clean them 2 a week!

I scrub mine with a brush, but because the containers are in the shade, they do not really get very much algae.

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