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Feb 27, 2005
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Hi there everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that we have pretty affordable suggestion for a World Show hotel if you are still looking.

It is approx. 7 minutes from the show grounds and rates start at $59 per night for AMHA. You can get a suite that sleeps 6 for $75. Its definetly not a brand new Hilton, but it was very clean, has a huge parking lot that could accomodate trailers and is pet friendly (dogs, not horses
), and has a free hot breakfast.

I know a lot of the other hotels are sold out, and we have been getting phone calls asking for alternate suggestions, so we are excited to be able to suggest this one. You can call the Hotel Trinity at 817.534.4801 and be sure to ask for the AMHA rate.

Hope this helps!
I just got my room at the La Quinta we always stay at. They were out of AMHA block but went ahead and gave me AMHA price. Anyhow if you are wanting to stay there you better call fast they only had a few rooms left.

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