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Sorry, here's the picture....Lisa
Very cute
! My guy loves cats too, if he sees one while we're walking through the barn he'll stop and wait for it and then sniff it like crazy. It's so cute!
how cute. I had my bunny in my foal paddock because it is surrounded by chicken wire. My dwarf filly came over and rubbed my bunny's head with her lip. I seriously wish I had my camera
My horses have Mama cat and 4 cute almost grown kittens to play with and they seem to interact very well.

when my new filly was only a few days old and my adopted cat that I found in my barn rafters -which by the way my boys would not let out - I felt sorry for him (young cat ) in the middle of the winter and brought him in - did a good job of mice in the house for winter - let him out in summer thinking he would leave but he is still here and ridding the garage and outside of mice.

Anyways the cat was crouched down in attack mode licking his chops at the young filly, guess he thought she was an easy meal - but the filly started to jump at the cat and he scooted away with his tail between his legs, and looked for smaller pray / lol

But seems the cat which is great with the young kids and never scratched them even when the 2 year old was carring him around - loves to torment my 2 year old gelding - he creeps slow and low in the grass towards my gelding -then when the gelding starts to run at him - he turns and runs the other way but only for a short distance and stops - confused gelding stops as well - then the cat does it all over again. I is so funny to watch and see.
I love the stories about the minis adventures with other animals!!
Anyone got any others to share??
When mine came home our tom cat(barn cat) slept in their stall with them. I would go and check on them and find him curled up in the corner of their stall fast asleep. Still to this day he does it and he goes into their pens and loves them up. Smarty and Bell nuzzle him, and he walks undr them. Smarty even sucks/nibbles the end of his tail. The cat doesn't even care. I've tried to get a picture, but everytime I go out with the camera the cat comes to me.

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