Horrible wildfires in Oklahoma

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Jan 9, 2004
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Shawnee, Oklahoma
We are okay, we have wildfires all around us but so far we are okay. There is a large fire to the east, one to the west, one to the north, and a new one to the northeast. We are staying close to home.

There is one fire that is near Norman that has destroyed several homes and has flared back up. I tried to call Davie but didn't get an answer.

The fire at Luther, OK that destroyed 56 homes and other structures, is still burning too, they said this evening that it is 80% contained but some of it as flared back up too. My sister lives within 1/2 mile of those fires and if the wind doesn't shift, they will be okay.

There is a fire north of us that has closed one highway, one east of us that has closed another highway and one west that has also closed a highway. The one northeast of us that just started is nowhere near under control yet.

Once again we had another day with the temperature well over 100 degrees and it is so dry that the grass is crunchy and brown. We really need rain desperately.

Please, if you live anywhere near these fires, please let us know you are okay.
How very sad--the fire that swept through Luther was apparently set deliberately. Officials are looking for someone in a black pick up that was seen throwing lighted newspaper out the window. What is wrong with some people???
Praying for you Okies. Bless you and the ones offering assistance.

Minimor, it is so sad when people are corrupt enough to start these fires that our country has been having.
I'm OK here in Norman, Cleveland Co fire was south of me by 8 miles and east by 1 mile. They have a mandatory evacuation that is quite large and HWY 9 is closed in both directions from SE 84th east to SE 168th--that is over 6 miles east to west and from HWY 9 South to Eweta Road which is 3 miles. Still having small flair up within that area but things were lots better by late Sunday--still not letting residence back into the area through due to the unpredictiablity of the flair ups.

I know of several friend from past years when I had big horses that live in that evacuated area and hoping that they were able to move the horses to safer facilities. Would love to run over there to check but don't want to hinder firefighter efforts and they still have the area closed off.

The Luther fire was near Rocking M Farm and Teacup Stables and both the Robersons and Wilma Bouska were in KS at the Central Regional show. Had the wind changed they would have been in harms way but they are OK as well.

Would love to thank all who called to check on me and offer to be at my place if needed to move the horses to safer facilities.

I know the terror wildfires can have as I had one come within 3 feet of my house back on 1983. Back then I only had 7 riding horses and a show kennel full of dogs. Put the kids and the show dogs in the van along with all the paperwork one needs to take. Hooked up the 4 horse trailer and loaded it and sent one mare with total strangers who stopped and said they had room for one--at that point I did not care where she went. Rode one and ponied out the last one. I'll never forget that day. That fire was started by a rotortiller that blew up and it burned itself out at the lake edge and covered 3 miles wide and 5 miles long--the 80 MPH winds that day did not help. We later heard that kids thought it would be fun to see how the fire department could handle things and lite a fire on the east side of the lake and one on the south. It was quite a scramble but they only lost 3 outbuilding and a boat--not as populated back then as it is now.

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