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Nov 30, 2002
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Visited a farm and saw a neat idea..they had a BIG fan pointing towards the stalls..and around the fan they had pipe..with holes in the pipes..capped off at the end..a waterhose was attached..it's hard to describe..get the idea?? they had the hose on Low..and it misted the whole barn..I think it would be a bad idea if you store hay in the barn..But other than that the barn was cool and little to no dust!

I saw a very similar set-up but on a much larger scale at a large dairy farm I visited.

Dairy cows generate a LOT of heat when inside a barn. They had some kind of grate at the end of the barn with cold water slowly trickling down it and one of those HUGE (6 foot) fans behind it. The barn was actually COLD in the middle of summer. Much healthier, happier, and higher-producing milk cows that way.

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