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Jul 7, 2005
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New Zealand
Hi all

I'm new to this forum, and live all the way down in New Zealand.

My husband and I bought our first mini over 2 years ago, and now have 6 - 1 stallion, 3 mares, 1 yearling filly and a gelding. We are expecting our stallion's first foal in a week's time, so we're understandably very excited!

She has the alarm on, and keeps waking us in the middle of the night, to show us that she is fast asleep, and sometimes even appears to be dreaming!

I started our stallion in harness at the end of last year, and have since broken in the gelding as well. I am always amazed at how fast these little guys take to things.

We are coming over for the World Show in Texas in October, which will be an amazing experience for us, so hope to meet and make some new friends then.

Welcome Brigid!

How neat that you're coming over to see World! You might want to buy a Lil Beginnings member button to wear while you're there so other members can spot you.

I'm glad you're here on the forum!

Welcome to the Forum from the State of Virginia on the East coast.

Ginny StP
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Welcome to a wonderful place! You lucked out finding this place,lots of friendly people who can help you with almost anything that comes up.They are opinionated,knowledgable,loving and will also give a kick in the pants if needed as well!

You will learn to love all of them.


Welcome to the forum from Oklahoma, USA !! Glad to have you aboard and you will LOVE the World Show.

Welcome! We will be at the World Show and would love to meet you! Which days are you going to be there? My sister (Kay Lyon) will be there the whole time with Winning Streak Training Center and my mom and my two other sisters and I will be there from the 5th to the 9th.

Alot of other wonderful forum members will be there also.

Do you have a website?

Welcome again.

Ginny Long
Welcome from Montana so glad you found the wonderful world of miniatures! Mary
Hey! Welcome!

You are very right! You will have a blast at the World Show! I went last year, and it is an awesome experience! Have a great time, and let us know how it goes!

Also, best of luck with your first foal! I am excited to hear what it will be!

HI there from Northern Michigan USA. I can't believe you're coming all the way to Texas for the Worlds..so glad you could come and I know a lot of people will introduce yourselves.

Have a great day and I hope it's cooler there (it is right?) then here!

[SIZE=14pt]Welcome to the forum from W W Miniature Horse Farm[/SIZE]

Jonesborough, Tennessee, USA.

Welcome from Idaho! I'll be at the World Show Oct 5th-9th cheering on Syndi & the gang...and of course our boy Phantom!

We would love to meet you!!!

Good luck with your foaling....post photos when baby arrives!!!

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