Hey Marty..

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Nov 30, 2002
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Why don't you post a picture of Holly..would love to see her now!!

I was just thinking that....... Miss Molly wants to see Miss Holly
OK! Be back in a while, she's rolled in the mud again this morning but if you don't mind seeing her dirty ok. It's raining and I can't bath her right now.
OK you asked for it!

It doesn't get any worse than this! She's rolling in that mud like the pig she is. I don't call her Dirty Holly for nuthin you know!

She is having so much fun out there in the rain slopping in that mud that I don't have the heart to drag her in and lock her up. It's not storming, just raining, won't hurt her.

We will have a nice clean bath later on when it quits raining and then we will take some serious pictures of private parts for your evaluation!

Nick's out playing right now in the rain too. Everyone is.

I can take his picture later too.

Betcha anything he won't be full of mud. He's got class.
I think we have all had a muddy horse or two. We have had ungodly heat, when it went away and we too got rain, my horses were in heaven, uhhhh, mud! But they have felt so much better.

Just from this picture, she doesn't look, physically all that ready. I would expect you to see more changes in her flanks and more dropping in the belly area.

But wishing you and Holly the best of luck!
I just love that picture...mud and all.

My farrier told me mud is good for their dry hooves.

Thanks for sharing Marty!!
Oh Marty,

Holly looks like she is having fun!! She is dirty, muddy, adorable and very, very pregnant!!

Love that messy, muddy picture!!!