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Dec 29, 2003
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Palm Beach (Jupiter) Florida
I've got my medium pony mare, this is her second foal, and she's not rolling or shown any signs of colic, but she's stressing out majorly. Sweating, tremors, won't move from her spot in the pasture with out significant force. She's pouring sweat, has an elevated heart beat, and is breathing a little heavy- no udder changes, or vaginal changes.

Vet is on route, but wanted to post here-

Any clue>?

This mare came to me slightly lammanetic a few years ago, but has never shown signs since, and is not hot on her feet, and has no digital pulse, but figured I'd mentioned that she's IR, and had a history. No recent feed changes,pasture moves, nothing. Help-

Whitney 561-254-5005
I would suspect hyperlipemia (i can never spell it right) Sending prayers
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Sending prayers for your girl!
My first thought when I saw your headline (did not get to the body of the text) was IR. One of the first warning signs of IR is heavy "inappropriate" sweating. Hyperlipidemia was my 2nd thought. I've been through both unfortunately with my horses and now moderate the Yahoo/Cushings IR forum.

All I can recommend for now until your vet gets there is to keep your horse cool - get a bowl of cool water and sponge her down with the cool water, and keep her calm and quiet.

Glad your vet is on the way...

Liz R.
Oh no!
It's probably what they posted above. But what about Calcium? Someones mare on here almost died after foaling from lack of calcium. Just thinking.

I hope she feels better!
Sugar problem? I don't know but grass has a high sugar content at certain times.

Good luck, it's such a worry.

Thinking good thoughts for your mare.
Your mare could be tying up. Seen in big horses. Can be caused after strenuous activity.

Did your mare do any running or playing today or get stressed out?
I would bet colic. Doesn't matter if she isn't trying to roll and isn't showing any other signs that are typical of colic. It can still be colic, and I have seen it manifest itself that same way two different times. The most recent was a Mini mare that was about 6 weeks away from foaling. I was doing the feeding. One moment she was fine; not 5 minutes later I walked past her & noticed that she was much too quiet (at that point in time this mare was pretty flighty--when I could walk right past her, close enough to touch, and she didn't move, there was something wrong. I looked at her & she was breathing hard and sweating badly. I watched for a moment, convinced that she was aborting, then went to get the banamine. When I came back that mare was DRENCHED in sweat. It was dripping off her muzzle, running down her legs--I don't think I've ever seen a horse sweat that bad. I gave her the banamine & after a few minutes she went and laid down, laid there awhile, then got up and was perfectly fine. The problem did not return when the banamine wore off--thank goodness!
Hi everyone, sorry for all the suspense- my mare was in extreme shock from what we can only assume was night shade. We had cleaned out a fallow paddock next store, and she must have grabbed a bite under the fence that had some, somehow. We got extremly lucky, I've been up all night running fluids on he, and she will seemingly make a full recovery. Foal is fine for now, was kicking me like crazy this am. I feel extremly lucky to have such a good vet, she was at my barn in mins, and had bubbles hooked up fast! One of my close friends, Donna Lavery, pointed me in the right direction, and as always I am grateful to her-

thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, they truly counted, as we somehow managed to dodge a cannon as my vet says- let it be a heads up to everyone else- we are Extremly careful about poisonous plants, and Still this happened, even with a giant pile of hay in front of her! Walk all your pastures, and keep your fence lines clear-

This was no fun-
So glad your girl is going to be OK that is so scary continued prayers for a healthy foaling but not until its time.
Night shade truly is deadly. Your mare is lucky to come through it, my neighbor lost two big horses to night shade poisoning a couple of years ago. I was pulling it up from my pasture yesterday, have not had a problem with my horses eating it but it comes up every year and terrifies me. Time to spray again.

Glad your mare is okay

We had a big horse get into night shade last summer, had to flush him out and they put charcol down him and did a few other things, we didn't know we had any night shade the vet and hubby walked the field and found a small patch.
Thank God!
I'm so glad the culprit was found and she'll be ok!
Yikes!!!!! I am so glad to hear that she is okay and again, I commend you for calling your vet so quickly. I'm sure your quick action saved her life.

Liz R.
Yes we got extremly lucky- the scary thing is this is not even one of mine who eats weird stuff, heck she refuses to eat her hay half the time-

I will post a pic later of what it (night shade) looks like, its the berries that seem to be super dangerous, but the pant itself is also extremly toxic. I know my vet saved her by acting quick and being willing enough to trust me as to what I though it was- I have heard horror stories in a list I belong too about poor diagnosis and the death and/ or suffering there in-

I am always fast to call my vet, and I am lucky to live in an area with top vets as Wellingtion is my neighbor.

Thank you all again for all your thoughts, I'll post pics of her and the nasty plant later-

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Here she is, my poor Bubbles pony. Bubbles is a Welsh cross mare who used to do the A circuit a while back, and has been my 'everything' mare once she was soured from the ring.

She's wonderful and loving and sweet, and I am so thrilled to say she is fine. We still have some slight tremors from the toxins, but she had her fluids pulled for tonight.



I couldn't find any left to grab a pic of on my property to take a pic of. As I had mentioned, we had been pulling it when we see it, and after yesterdays scare, my barn manager combed my property with a flea pick.

Thank you again everyone, I know I am not a constant poster like many here, but it was very heart warming to see all those prayers and thoughts from everyone.

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