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Jan 2, 2003
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Hello Everyone

We have an adorable Mini that really needs a permanent home. I was contacted a couple of months ago by a mini owner that had an 19 yr old stallion that was slowly going blind. She did not want to advertise him as she was afraid that he might be used and abused. She figured that CMHR could do a better job in placing him. Hopefully, she was right. Willy has been gelded and is now temporarilly living in my round pen with an 8 x 10 shed for shelter. He is a sweetie and easy to handle. He trusts people. When walking him, he walks right out, trusting me not to walk him into a post. My girls gather round his pen and talk to him, for a recently gelded stallion, he is very calm. Willy is appx 34" and very intellegent. He learned his boundries in his temp. home very quickly with minimum bumps.

I would like his next move to be a permanent one. He is an easy keeper and is a very good weight. He has no health problems except his eyes. He can see shadows during the day, but would have to be put up at night. It would be great to find a home with another mini or minis that he could bond with and become his eyes. Please consider giving this wonderful guy an even more wonderful home.

Heeeere's WILLY !!!!




Ginny StP
What a cutie pie.....I'd offer him a place but shipping is such a pain these days.....I am seriously thinking I need to just set up a retirement home for mini's and ponies
Rori........ Shipping is the least of our concerns IMO. LOL
I bet we could get a relay going for him if the right home comes along!


One of the most important things to us is that he gets a permanent home that will be his forever home. Since he is blind, it is a little hard on him to adjust and as he looses his sight even further, it will be even harder for him to learn new bounderies. So it is important that we find him a home now while he still can see shadows.

Please, if any of you wish to have a super gelding, contact Ginny or I or any of the rest of the BOD for more information on Willy!
Hey! I'm trying to find him a home up here in Canada! I know people with minis!
Oh , he looks like such a sweetheart! I sure do hope you can find the perfect home for him, he deserves that much! I would take him too, if transportation wasnt such a problem. I will ask around to some mini people I know that only have 2-3 as pets only and would love to have another, hopefully someone comes along and gives him this PERFECT home! Lisa, you have Canada covered, I will take Wisconsin and check! Corinne
I had one person phone me today about him and another who a girl I work with knows that might want him. They both want to know his adoption price?

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