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Oct 20, 2003
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I recently bought a 2 yr old stud horse. He is absolutely gorgeoous,,but NO training what so ever.

He was born in a pasture and practically never handled.I know this is going to be a challenge and need all the advise I can get.

After 1 month I am able to walk up to him,handle face ,neck and ears but that is about it for now.He seems to be very intelligent and willing but just so scared of everything.How should I proceed?I do not want to get too aggressive as it might undo everything that I have done so far.

He has never had a halter on and is not yet trusting enough to let me try.

Any and all ideas are welcome.
I recently purchased a a horse that sounds quite a bit like yours and all I can say is ALOT of calm talking too and soothing touches worked with him. It took about 4-6 months but he has become very sweet and a joy too be around. Good Luck.
Thanks so much for the reply. As I said he has only been here 1 month and I feel has made a lot of progress. He is so cute when he "talks" to me. I think he is smart enough to know I want to be his friend but is just soooo scared of everything.If I move fast,rattle a door .......I mean anything. But true to horse nature of flight,he had to be this way to survive .We have lots of coyotes here.
The best advice I can give is LOTS of patience
if you have a small paddock I would keep him in that or that and a stall. I find the more time you can spend in and around their environment the better....I like to let their natural curiosity get the better of them
smile.gif wheel that wheelbarrow into the paddock yep let it bounce and rattle and do what it does and watch him fly to the farthest corner just go about your business raking and picking up poo....I am often amazed how soon they want to see what these things are and what you are if you kinda ignore them...another trick that has worked for me in the past is to put one like that with the calmest friendliest horse I own (the one who follows you around and is almost annoying) it gives the flighty one security and a good leader....of course you may have to geld him first
if he wont get along with another horse. keep up the handling and I find that doing things more often for less time is beneficial also a set schedule for feeding times and water buckets and paddock cleaning all create security in an insecure horse...oh and have fun

I have been doing that somewhat but maybe not enough. Usually 2-3 times a day and I also take a chair and just sit with him outside. As you said he is curious about what I am doing. That is when I have brush and curry comb in hand. He wants to sniff and nibble and I have offered carrots and apple treats as a reward when he lets me brush him.

My husband and I tried to get a halter on him today but I don't think he is ready yet. Still not comfortable enough.

I will also try another horse with him as we also have his brother....1 yr old.......same story but he was small enough to just hold and halter ,then we began leading. He is an up in your face type horse. Very curious and not as scared.They have always run together and the older one kinda protects ,yet sometimes bullies the little one.

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