Hello from NW Indiana!

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Welcome. This is a wonderful forum. I have 2 mini horses and a small donkey also🙂View attachment 51486
I would love to see pics of your trio
Your littles are adorable! Do you ever get "harassed" for not having another donkey friend for your little donkey? Our Andy (mini donkey) has a very strong bond with April. (Which is so strong, it actually worries me to think if something were to happen to April.😳)

No, I have not been questioned about not having another donkey. I have a gelding and a mare mini horse. My mare has bonded with the male donkey more than the gelding and vice versa. I hope no one given you a hard time about only having one donkey.
Your little herd is awesome.
Welcome from NW Connecticut. Your little herd is perfect! I currently have 2 mini horses and 2 mini donkeys. Previously, I had 1 mini mare (Lady). I wanted to get her another mini horse as a companion but couldn’t find any in my area, so I got her 2 donkey friends. When I had this little herd (for about 10 years) people would frequently suggest that I get another horse, saying that Lady must be lonely. She didn’t seem lonely and she got along great with the donks. They ran around with each other and hung out in the same space. When Lady passed away (27 yrs.) two years ago, I got 2 mini geldings. Now, the horses stick with the horses and the donks with the donks. I now have 2 herds instead of one😜.

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