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Wow, that's a nice hauler. I'm sure everyone would love to see more pictures of it. ;)
I will try to get out there today...broke my ankle and am supposed to stay off my foot. Dear husband has taken over the task of taking care of the horses, which is usually my job!
Thank you!

Yes, not only is there a great sense of camaraderie here there is also an amazing amount of information!

As for my ankle...been dealing with it since July. <sigh> Another issue is the long bone above the fracture has "dead bone" at the lower end. Seeing the podiatrist again next Monday. Don't know if surgery is in the future. ) : Not looking to the 𝒔-𝒍-𝒐-𝒘 process of healing.*

* Some reasons for bone death...blood circulation in the affected area ceases, bone cells die, and the marrow cavity becomes filled with debris. Surrounding bone resorbs and replaces necrotic bone over a period of months or years.
I am a bit behind but want to say Welcome! from MN

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