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  1. Deb_D

    Hello and wishing all a better 2021!

    Hello, I've been lurking for a while but wanted to say "Hi" from Northern California. I'm new to the horse world and finding it has a STEEP learning curve. ( : We adopted Justa and Moment approximately 8 months ago. They are now 19 months and I've found if you want to put a smile on your...
  2. F

    After a long, long time...I'm back, with a new life

    It has been ages since I've been here. Hello again, everyone. A little over a decade ago (2004), I found my first (and still only) mini via this community. Firefly is still with us, 16 years old and still every bit of the fiery red headed mare. My life has turned upside-down, though, as...
  3. Morganite

    Would adding a pasture mate cause any problems?

    She is asking a very small amount for her. Not sure of her color, she has two blue eyes and is very sweet and gentle but not halter broke. I have two girls now, do you think three will get along well? This one was a pasture buddy to a filly I bought in Feb. 2013.