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Jun 18, 2005
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On my last foal thread, I posted that I had a black leopard colt to share, but had yet to see him. Well, I finally got to go heck him out, and OH MY GOODNESS! He is so much more than I had imagined. A nose to toes leopard, which I was not expecting since he is only PATN-1 heterozygous, and most likely homozygous for black (his dam's tobiano is linked to her red, and this colt is not tobiano, but there is a chance of crossover).

O Henrys Secret Agent 007, AMHA/AMHR colt, born a few days ago. Full brother to the black leopard colt I had last year. His sire has been very generous sharing his PATN-1, and his dam has been wonderful holding back the tobiano


This is not a flattering picture of his dam, Secret, but I just love Seven in it, so don't tell Secret


A cell phone picture, but one of my favorites


We also had another colt born today (yes, that's SIX colts in a row!), and he was quite the surprise! His sire is the chestnut tovero FWF Little Wardance son that we just sold, and his dam is a lovely chestnut tovero mare. This is their 3rd foal together-the first was a chestnut pinto colt, the second an almost all white filly that has a little patch of red on her forehead (mix of tobiano, splash, and sabino). Red x Red=RED....well this colt is a silver black tobiano+splash. There is no way she got in with another stallion, so that means either Shasta is actually a bay (which, now that I look at her pictures, she could be as her mane and tail are flaxen), or Cool is actually a silver bay (already know he is the silver carrier). Very interesting, and very much a surprise. Anyway, the colt has some paw prints and pretty neat splash markings on his face. Was racing around his stall, bucking and jumping before he was even dry. And he's already a great big sweetheart.

Will post better pictures later, just figured I couldn't leave you hanging



Need help with a name for this last one. Would love to incorporate "Silver" in there, but not necessary. Sire is Willow Creeks Im 2 Cool 2 Dance and dam is O Henrys Shasta Daisy. We like "different" names-names that not many other horses, if any, are going to have.
Look at that spotted fuzzy butt! Is that a black upside down heart by his tail?


And congrats on your other colt! I love all the face white!
OH MY GOSH !!!!! They are both adorable. Congrats on getting such awesome little boys
WOW! Beautiful leopard colt!! The pinto is cute too, but of course, I like the appys! LOL
Thank you so much everyone! I am so happy with these little guys-well, I would have liked a filly or two thrown in there too, but they are healthy and NICE so I'm going to try really hard not to complain
That appy colt, wowza can he MOVE.

Now, whoever has the filly fairy hostage, will you pretty please with cherries on top let me have her for a little while?

Also, still need help naming that silver black tovero colt. Usually they come to me right away, but having trouble with this little guy.
Wow - congratulations on your little one!!!! VERY nice!!!!!

Liz N.
Ohmeeeeeeegosh! The spots I love! Might as well dangle a chocolate cookie with chocolate chunks in front of a chocoholic. I would know.
I love the leopard pattern and the aforementioned treat! Huge congrats!
Thank you so much! I still just can't believe how loud he is-and his conformation and personality are identical to his full brother's we had last year. Really neat. The little tovero colt was named by Tiff from the forum here: O Henrys If I Was UR Boyfriend. He is such a doll and is so friendly already. Quite the little ham.

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