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Dec 12, 2002
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Balfour, North Dakota
I have an AMHR mare that is 30" that I have been thinking about hardshipping into the AMHA. I know the fee is $600 plus $41 for the bloodwork. My question is, is there a list of inspectors that gives information on where they are located? I see meals, mileage, and hotel stay would have to be paid my me....is that correct?

If anyone has done this, could you explain the process to me?

You need to have an AMHA director and a steward to witness do the measuring. The least expensive way is often to make arrangements with the director to meet at a show and have it all done there. You will have to pay the director (and I think the steward) for their time. Ask them what they charge.

However, if you do it during a show, you don't have to pay for hotel, travel expenses, etc.

Your best bet is to call your regional director and ask.

Or if you have a past director that lives close to you they can do the inspection also. You have to notify them and ask if they are willing, then draft a letter to AMHA with their name, address, phone etc., so AMHA can contact them to verify that they will do it.

I had a past director do mine and i did not need a steward. The past director came to my home since he lived within 2 / 1/2 hours round trip of my farm. I paid him mileage, the normal fee they charge, think it was $50.00 plus i added $50.00 more to it since he came here and saved me a trip. Gas and my time made it well worth it.
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The AMHA office will assign a director or past director to do the inspection for you. Then you can figure out between you the easiest way to get the job done. Some do it at shows, some haul their horses to the inspector, or the inspector comes to you. You do not need a witness.

Jody Hoch

AMHA director Region 2
this is all very neat & new to me!

just a question tho.... why doesn't amha be like amhr, & have a A & B division???

AND i think if a horse is over 20or 25 & they are not reg,

that the hardshipcost should be CHEEPER!!! my stallion is 21 or 26 (his 'temp'-paper are raelly messed up!!!) & i will not pay over $1000 to get him reg to show!!!!

i can't breed him anymore, But i don't want 2 geld him (i want him 2 keep his spunk!)... i just think that that is a silly fault... if someone has a point 2 y this is,

please help!




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