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Nov 7, 2003
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Well my Dad came up to my house (they live next door) to see if I knew anybody with a dog with black my culvert were a Heeler type dog with three black puppies, all sweet as can be and very hungry! Somehow I don't think Momma dog just wandered away from home trailing three 6 week old puppies but I put a sign up "found dogs"......anybody need some really cute and sweet dogs??
Aaaaawww poor mamma dog. I'm so glad you found her and her babies. Blessings come to those that help the helpless.
Whenever I have someone drop off dogs at my house, I place an ad on Craig's List, it has worked for me. Thank you for taking them in, and providing care. They must be scared. Shame on people that do this, especially with babies!!!

Can you tell this really hacks me off???!!!!
They are lucky you and your dad found them! I hope you find them new homes. I'm sure they're adorable
Well what a surprise, owners showed up tonight and took mom and puppies back home. Apparently the momma dog took off with her three female puppies, left the male puppy behind, and traveled about two miles cross country to my house! Had already found a good home for one of the puppies and they were fine with that...was hard to give them up, they were really nice dogs! Good to know they weren't thrown away and have a loving home to go back to!
Wow what a suprise! I would have never guessed you would have had someone show up at your doorstep to claim them.

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