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Dec 1, 2020
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Bluemont, Virginia
Hello everyone!

My name is Lauren and I live in Northern Virginia with my husband on a small farm. I just bought a mini at an auction in Southern Maryland about a week ago. I've been around them for years but never owned, so I'm very excited to learn more about them. I was not planning on buying one there, but they were selling for almost nothing, and he was sweet when I was saying hi to him before the auction. I also have three other horses (Justin/Morgan, Bailey/QH and Apache/Appy pony), two cats (Peter and Penny) and a juggle named Riley.

Pyro is a 7 month old pinto colt, I measured him at 30 inches. I would like to show him and eventually train him to drive. Since he's been home my husband gave his feet a much-needed trim, and he's been wormed. I don't think he was handled a lot because he was skittish about handling, but he gets better every day and actually leads quite well. He's not registered with any of the mini registries (I don't think he can either?) but I'd like to get him registered as a pinto eventually.

Is anyone else here from Northern Virginia, Maryland or Northwestern West Virginia? I would love to get involved in any clubs or show series nearby.


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