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My first thought when I read this was "Good, maybe they can run him till his legs snap too...." and then thought maybe I am being cynical. I know the industry relys on and it is common practice to race 2 year olds, but it is hard for me to get excited for this nice colt. I know I sound like I am against racing, but I'm not.....I only wish they would wait till they were older. :DOH!
Nicanor looks like a very nice boy! He's beautifully put together. It's unlikely he will be as talented as Barbaro, most siblings (even full siblings) are not going to be as talented as a Superhorse sibling. Bold Ruler, for example, has I believe five full siblings and none of them are the legends that Bold Ruler is, though they have varying degrees of talent.

I'll be looking for him on the track though! Thanks for sharing!

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