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Jul 2, 2006
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West Central Wisconsin on the Mississippi River
around peoples faces? I have heard of things but can not remember them. Out at our new dog yard it is just swarming with gnats. They don't bother me as much as they do Rodney (son). They are around me but mentally they don't bother me. I don't feel like I have to be swatting at them all the time like he does. Any remedies?
In the house, leave a bowl filled with soapy water every night, during gnat season. The gnats are attracted to the soapy water and will drown themselves in there.... OR leave a bowl of white vinegar out half-covered with plastic wrap. I change out the vinegar every couple of days. Eventually all the gnats should die. Keeping your fruit in the fridge helps too.

For a repellent, I use Citronella Lotion or a bug repellent with DEET.
Gnats, How can you control them.....a really tiny whip and chair. :DOH!

Sorry couldn't resist! I use UltraSheild on a cotton glove around the ears and face then spray it on their bodies, I spray it around me when I mow or wouldn't be able to!
They are just awful this year, aren't they!!! They are driving me nuts - I bet they are driving the dogs insane, too!! Awful little beggers!
yep, vanilla. some people dilute it with a little water. i use it straight. just put some in a little spray bottle and spritz it around your neck and shoulders. i spritz it in my hand and wipe my face with it also. you may have to refresh it a couple of times during the day but it really does work.

gnats and ticks...this has been the absolute worst year for BOTH!!!
There bad here to. The whole side of the house is full every night. Two nights ago I put out the sticky fly traps. Along with other mis. bugs includeing June Bugs(I am deathly afraid of these things!). I had 3 strips full by morning. HOwever the wind blew one off, and of coarse my dumb cocker got mixed up in it! :DOH!

I just got my first tick yesterday, me screaming like a little kid. Another thing I hate. Can you tell I dont do bugs????? Everybody else has had a lot including the dogs.
yep, vanilla. some people dilute it with a little water
Like a vanilla body spray?

Hopefully with all the dry weather, the mosquitos won't be so bad this year...I hate bugs too...especially those big june bugs...they land on you and stick like glue...yuck, hate them!
oh sorry, i should have said vanilla extract. i don't know if a vanilla body spray would work but if you have some, it wouldn't hurt to try it.
i haven't bought "real" vanilla extract in ages! the only one i have is the store brand, cheapo stuff and it works just fine.

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