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Mar 24, 2008
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British Columbia
I've been watching the foaling dates of my stallions foals and noticed that one of my stallion's offspring seem to be born earlier no matter which mare he is bred to. Has anyone else noticed a correlation between the stallion and length of time a mare will carry the foal or is it just a co- incidence ? My stallions have only produced a half a dozen foals so far so it is a bit early for me really to claim a trend yet.
Bumping this up, so maybe you can get some answers. I haven't noticed a correlation, but sure makes me want to go back and study my records.

I haven't seen a correlation between stallions and gestation lengths myself, though I would guess it could very well be possible. I've had a very wide range of gestations, for example with my stallion CCMF Spotted Illusion, whose foal crops only began last year, there are these gestations: (in order of arrival) 324; 337; 358 (that mare always goes long); and 313. His next due is at 333 right now.

If you were to breed your stallion to a mare that always goes longer, like the one of mine, and she foaled earlier, I think that would be a good indication that maybe it DOES make a difference. Interesting!
I have seen more of a correlation with the mares than the stallions, but even there I have a wide range of normal on most mares.
Well I was just musing and like I said it was/is a bit early to claim a pattern. I will have to keep watching over the years to see if I can get a more definitive answer.
So far the younger stallion has sired 2 foals and both came about 2 weeks before I would have really expected them. That is 314 days on one and 316 on the other. I only have background on one mare and she foaled from the older stallion at 331 and 340.

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