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Aug 31, 2004
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I was just it better done in early spring/late fall because of flys and possibilitu of infection? Thank you for any info
I did one in January--got a nice mild day, so it worked out--and as far as I'm concerned, winter is the time to do them. Nice clean snow, no flies, no dirt or mud or dust, so almost no chance of infection, and the cooler weather makes the surgery a little easier on them I think. You just need a mild day (we wouldn't do it on a -40 day of course!!) and a place to drop them out of the snow...of course in Texas I guess snow isn't such a good option for you????

I also had 3 done in April this year, and that was okay--it was dry, still no bugs. Previously I've usually done them in the fall--September, October or early November. There's no way I'd get one done now, even if we didn't have mud like we've got this year from all the rain....there's just too many bugs in summer, and I don't like doing it when it's really hot like this either.

As for cost here--the single one in January was about $115 with mileage included. When I got the 3 done in April my total bill, mileage and all, was $277, so that worked out to $90 each.
I don't know if mini prices are any different, but last year it was $110 to geld my AQHA yearling colt, here at home. The two I had gelded were done early spring before the heat and bugs got too bad. Matter of fact, last year there was a late freak snow storm a few days after the AQHA yearling was gelded, so he had to go in the barn for a day or two and be hand-walked twice a day (did wonders for his ground manners).
We are on the very reasonable end of the price spectrum I think - $75 plus trip charge usually. Of course, we share the same vet as yellerrose.

My vet quoted me $325 - $425 but he said to expect to pay at the higher end. This is for a straight forward no complication gelding. Done at the vet clinic, they do not like to do them at your residence/farm?

I think this is expensive, my friend paid $450 a little further North, where vet care is normally cheaper in our state.

Although it was $375 to spay my dog!

I live in Southern Maine
Myself and 2 friends had the vet come out and do 5 colts in April and paid $38 each. That's right - $38 each. Our local vet charges by the hour for labor for gelding if he can do a bunch at once.
Another local vet will do the Shetlands and minis for half of what he charges for a big horse and he comes out to around $50 each.
I pay $75 for the local vet to geld.

If I go into the city, the equine specialist costs about $175.

I always haul in, so no trip fees included in that price.
Sky was just gelded on Friday and it was $35.00 for the farm call and $85.00 for the castration. It was done here at the house.
I usually have the vet come out to geld. Depending on what else I have done--3 geldings and 26 coggins in late March--it cost between $75 and $125 per horse. I also like to do early spring or late fall because of fly and other insects. I also geld according to the moon sign. Have done quite a few in the last 7 years and have had good luck with all of them. Also doing it in cooler weather makes it easier to get them excercised cause they don't get so hot. I believe in very regular forced excercise (usually in my round pen) every day for up to 2 weeks to keep swelling down. An old breeder told me to do that and it has worked very well for us.
I am in Southern Maine. We've had 2 horses gelded, and both were done by the vet here at the house. The price in Southern Maine has gone up a huge amount over the past few years to have it done(or maybe all over Maine...). 4 or 5 years ago we had 1 mini done for under $150 and that included the farm call, drugs, procedure,etc. 2 months ago we had our stud gelded and it was well over $300, plus the cost of antibiotics,etc. It is crazy what they charge up here in Maine for this compared to other states!

Here in Northwest Ohio it cost us $175 to Geld Coco. But he also had alllot of shots there to (our vet doesnt take any chances).

About 2hr's north of here is Amish Country. They Geld a horse for whatever you feel like paying. If you dont want to dont have to. But i didnt trust them so we went to the vet. Usually ppl pay them about $20 though. But basically all they do is cut em' open ....drop em' out ...send em' off. lol ....owch
Just got a quote to do one wiht everythign in place. 475. I told them, you do realize this is just one horses don't you? Then I said, I think I will do it myself!

Ugh!! There is no excuse for that kind of outrageous price. Luckily I live where there are lots and lots of vets adn I can pick and choose where I go for what.
At some of these prices I could ALMOST ship a stallion out and get him gelded for cheaper!

Many people will not buy colts because of the additional cost of gelding. I am refering to people looking for a pet or companion nto a show horse.

Just curious, a friend of mine was quoted $1,500 to geld a cryptorchid(sp) colt(6 months), she declined!!!!!!

But it is a shame because he should be gelded.

What sort of prices do they charge elsewhere???

I guess the Northeast is pricey BUT I think you can expect to earn more money here too, on average, so maybe it all evens out!!

I just found out plumbers make $65 an hour aagh!!!!
Stable call & gelding here in South Central Wisconsin, plan on $200 per horse.

My sister got a cryptorchid done at the clinic for $400-$500. The vet did say it could go as high as $600-$800 depending on cases where it took longer to find the "hidden gem".

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$60 to have it done at my vet's, and $80 to have it done here at my place.

He also gelded my monorchid (one testicle retained) stallion at a cost of $140 w/a week-long stay at his clinic.

I think the time of year depends on your individual situation as to footing and flies, etc. Might want to discuss that concern w/your vet as I have no idea what your climate is like.

Here, the late Summer is good b/c the ground dries up and there are few bugs. Winter, it's usually too sloppy out, so we have to pick and choose our timing to help with recovery as they need to be outside and exercised, etc.

I am very happy that I can have this done, reasonably, as my policy is to sell all colts as geldings unless there is a very compelling reason not to (as in, they better be "OUTSTANDING!")

Liz M.
Im from Western Illinois, Im having my stud gelded next week at the vets office and he quoted me $110.00 for everything including the medicine.
Jennifer, Here in Arizona I was quoted a price for my yearling cryptorchid as

being $1200 and could go as high as $1500. I have chosen to wait another

year to see if he drops. I probably would have had it done if it was only

$400-$500. Prices here in Az seem outragous.
Ditto in Maine!

However, with some of these prices quoted why in th world wouldn't you geld a colt unless he truly was outstanding?????

It is a bit different when it will cost you as much as $450. If you gelded a colt before he left you would have to pass the cost onto the buyer and this is not a small additional cost.

Maybe I should move!!!

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