Gelded 2 minis yesturday, pain question?

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May 22, 2007
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Sharpsburg MD
I had a 7 year old and a yearling gelded yesturday. The older doesn't seem to be in very much pain just walking slow and quiet compared to usual. The yearling seems like he is in pain. Should I give them both some banamine for the pain? If so how much would be recommended?

Thanks so much for a fast reply,

I give 1cc per 100# of the liquid.

I'd put a call in to the vet just in case, but that's the amount I use when dosing banamine.
Well the vets out on call and hasn't returned my call yet. Go figure.

Have any of you given pain meds after gelding?
Have you made sure that both are open and draining properly? Have you exercised them both at a trot for about 10-15 minutes? That will help to keep them draining. If they still are not draining right you might have to open the wound back up or call and have the vet do it.
My Giddy was a yearling when gelded and he was fine... I did trot him everyday, he didnt have any swelling or pain...

Maybe you wont need meds if you trot him and keep them draining...
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"Have any of you given pain meds after gelding?"

OF COURSE!!! How would your husband feel if his testicles were surgically removed and a gaping hole left instead? I don't understand how people can have such a double standard. If it would hurt you, it hurts him! Treat him for pain just like you would treat yourself. If you give him a hard day's work (over and above a normal day) give him a little something like you would advil for yourself. If you have him in surgery to remove a body part, have some sympathy for a few days!

My horses were perscribed banamine and bute for four days post-gelding, for both swelling and pain. More than that can start to hurt since they are pretty hard on the liver. Less than that and he may not show pain, but I guarentee he's feeling it! He's just hiding it well :p
Yes have exercised them, both draining well. The older one is out there now standing in the water bucket kicking the water all over the place. I think the baby was stiff mostly this morning, he is looking better now. He has never experienced pain to any extent and I think this was a real shocker for him. I went out and took him for a walk down the road and back. He is eating and drinking all functions normal. I will keep an eye on the wounds, thanks for the care tips. Vet still hasn't called!! I'm gona call them just to let them know I am still waiting.

Yipes. Local anesthetic only works for so long and it's got to hurt like the dickens afterwards. Since this isn't a case where the horse needs to stay quiet all the pain is doing is, well, paining them.
There's no reason it should be any more painful than it has to be when it's so easy to help them and make that exercise less of a trial. My vet had me give pain meds for a couple of days afterwards just to help him through the worst of it and I can't imagine doing otherwise.


That is what I was thinking also. Vet said use bute and I could use the banamine till I get some Bute. Gave both some banamine paste and already the baby is moving better not so tight in the backend. He seems happier. I could see tha pain in his face an hour ago and he already seems to be relieved.

Thanks for your reply,

Mary --

I think with bute and minis, some people have had some serious (deadly) issues? I've never used bute because of things I've read here -- have always used banamine instead. I think that the dosing threshold for bute is tight and that can make it dangerous in minis (like Quest dewormer). You can give buffered aspirin (like Buffrin for people) to horses, too, but not sure that is as powerful as banamine in this kind of a case.

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You're right Jill and that's why I said "pain meds" rather than Bute which is what I actually use. Bute toxicity is the real issue and it's easy to get with the minis because so few of them are dosed for their actual body weight. I've weighed Kody frequently on a digital horse scale my vet has so I know exactly what he weighs and dose accordingly erring on the side of less. These days I also give Ulcergard if he's going to stay on the meds for more than one dose. When I asked for a tube of paste Banamine to give Kody during his fever since he wasn't eating (I use powdered apple-flavored Bute on their feed) I asked what the difference was and the vet said they're in the same family of drugs and are basically like Tylenol and Advil- one may work better for fevers, aches, etc. while the other (Bute, in this case) may be better for muscular/joint soreness or injuries. They'll both work! And of course Banamine is better tolerated in the minis so is a better alternative to avoid any chance of problems.

Nathan--you gelded your stallions?????
I thought you were going to leave them stallions? What made you change your mind?

Sorry--bird walking off topic....
I treat animals routinely for pain that is why I have asked this question on the minis. The vet didn't prescribe anything. He is a new vet for me and I think also to minis.

I thought I had read something about bute not being advisable for the minis, glad I didn't have any to give. Also thought of the flush with water but was advised only to do it if I see a problem. I have used water therapy on all of my animals if they have a cut or lesion, it helps the healing process and keeps it clean.

This conflicting info is why I asked the forum cause I new I would get the best recommendations for my boys.

Thanks again to all,


6:30 PM went out to check the boys. Went ahead and gently washed them with cool water. They both just stood there with this kinda what a relief look on their faces. They are feeling better. So glad I asked you all about giving meds this morning and didn't wait for the vet to go ahead and give some banamine. He didn't get back to me till almost 2:00. Thanks all.
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I know some of you will think I am crazy, but let me tell you what our vet does when he gelds for us. He packs the area with cayenne pepper inside and out. He is from a long line of horse people nad has been doing it for about 25 years now. He says the pepper repels the fly's, breaches the nerve endings and also reduces the swelling. :DOH!

He has done over 30 babies for us over the years and it has always worked well, with the new geldings up and walking around a little stiff for several days and then everything goes back to normal. Needless to say I thought he was crazy the first time I saw it.

He also has us apply an external paste 2 days after the gelding is done. The only time we have had to use any drugs for pain was on a 11 year old incorigiable stallion that is now a wonderful gelding. but that was only for a couple of days.
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I ditto Nathan and Leia..........YES TO PAIN MEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We never use Bute on our minis -- only Banamine. When we've gelded, we've noticed that after a couple of days with Banamine and some moving around, they are doing fine. We've gently cool water hosed a couple of the boys keeps the swelling down.
No, my guys are still happily intact. I've participated in dozens of castrations though, and I have gelded one of my stallions (purchased as a resale project... should have left him intact! After I did it I realized I could have gotten $60 THOUSAND more as a stallion! doh!).
I gelded two last year. My older guy seemed to handle it better than my other one (who is 6). So its up to the horse how they handle it. Pretty much a shock all around!
Glad you gave them some meds and they are doing better.

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