Fuzz started flying today.......some pictures

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Aug 21, 2003
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Ok, due to the "weird" weather so far this spring, the show horses have only been up a couple weeks and almost zero workouts as everythings too wet, if it's not raining it's cold. But I'm quite happy with where they are at, minus any real conditioning or any sweating; a little more muscling to come with time and better weather to work a little.....

Decided since it has been in the 70-80's this weekend it was time to get some hair off so I could evaluate them and see how the feeding program needed to be changed.

I put off going to any April shows as with the little to no work they have had due to the bad weather, I thought no way they'd be to where I would want them to be at......I think we might could have pulled off being ready with just a touch more work and a few more late nights, oh well

But here they are partially defuzzed, still got leg warmers and ear warmers and just quick 20 min buzzes...

My little baby from last year grown up-

Erica's Total KnockOut

yearling stallion under



Erica's Big City Prankster Bucks

maturing into his stallion self, and is looking like a boy now

two year old stallion over




Erica's Taking on Heirs

yearling stallion, small over class



WF Tanqueray

fixing to be yearling gelding way under, he's tiny...


Aloha Acres Dream Along With Me

yearling mare under


that's the 1/3 of the show string I got done....plan to do a couple tomorrow, and shooting to shed out a few again next year that have tight coats.
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They are beautiful Erica and if you ask me, they look very nice for just being up in the barn for a few weeks
I REALLY want Pranky to come live with me, PLEAAAASSSSSEEE

In all seriousness, Erica, he's just too much! I LOVE that boy beyond words. Thanks for the pictures of him.


P.S. The others are gorgeous too, I'm just awestruck by Pranky. And I love the dapples on TKO.
Oh Prankster he is just perfect

They are all gorgeous!
That first one sure is true to his name. Wow! Looks like another awesome show string.
Haha Erica, you totally validated my good taste when I tried to buy TKO off you...he is absolutely gorgeous, everything I thought he would be. Your Prankster is also breathtaking. They are my two faves, hands down. :D


wow TKO is just, wow. And prankster, oh my goodness has he grown up! Her reminds me of "Spirit" from the disney movie in that first pic of him.
OUrs probably wont look that good AFTER conditioning they are looking wonderful. But of course Pranky is my all time favorite and has been since he was a baby. But then am sure you know that from Jodi's comments. He just takes my breath away.
They are all absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

I think TKO is my favorite (among favorites!!!!)
All very nice horses!

But I have to say TKO is my favorite!


P.S. Gonna clip Bailey in the next couple weeks. He's starting to really look good.
Some really really nice horses! Clipping makes them looks so different! Glad you have warmer weather and can clip, so far in Iowa I can dream about it, but maybe one more week and I wwon't be able to contain myself! Thanks for sharing. Lavonne
Leeana - Tank isn't Erica's breeding.

Erica, I have to say I like YOUR bloodline! The little chestnut filly is nice but I don't think she comes close to anything you're producing over there.
They all look fantastic! TKO and Prankster have been my favorites and they are really both maturing nicely.
Beautiful horses!
Erica you know I love that Prankster!
They all look fantastic.
Leeana, Tank is sired by El Capatian by Buck Zeus, and out of a mare by Fairy Tails Prince x WF Vanessa, dam of Spectaular Bey

I didn't have an under gelding to show as I lost my under gelding to a huge enterolith, and last fall sold my under colts to other show homes, so I needed another show horse like a hole in the head, but Tank is labled as "Clementines" horse now as he's about 28-29" little boy who is soon to be a 30" under yearling gelding. He's got yucky hair, got clipped end of March and is growing out in that nasty pig hair, but I think he will be a smutty buckskin when I get his coat in good condition as he's registered as such.

now just 7 more to get done, think a few of them I'll hold off clipping and just keep shedding out as they are getting pretty tight
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