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Nov 2, 2003
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This is probably a stupid question but I would really like to know the whole meaning of this, what are the benefits and how do you get your horses nominated and who can get nominated foals, mares or stallions??

rules differ for the different futurities.

normally -- a stallion is nominated for a breeding season and all or some of the mares he is breeding are also nominated.. then when the foals are born the next year they are eligible to compete with their "futurity class/age group" .. the foal then has to be sustained (additional fees paid) for them to continue to be eligible for the futurity for the next year(s).

Classes are divided up between colts and fillies... later stallions/mares/geldings too.

In most cases, you cannot nominate a foal after it is born... this is done prior to foaling.

Some local mini clubs have their own futurities... and of course the AMHA and AMHR and ASPC et.. have futurities..

you need to see the rules for the one you are interested in.

benefits?? you win money and recognition ... the foal's owner wins, the mare owner (breeder) and stallion owner also get money. to WIN you have to compete in the futurity classes at the specified shows.. local or national.. again, depends on the specific futurity.

Hope this helps...

Nicole, just so you know, the Ontario Miniature Horse Breeders Futurity has folded, so make sure no one tries to sell you horse saying it's eligiblie! There's the AMHR Futurity, of course, which some Canadian breeders are now taking in part in.
Thanks Sunny!!
There is also an AMHA futurity which is stamped on the foals paper, no stamp not nominated. For the A you nominate the stallion I think its 100 bucks when you register your foal you send in 150 within 60 days of foaling and of course all the necessary paperwork. Then you are done. The R you have to remember to nominate every year. I nominate in both, or when I buy I foal, its a must for me to be nominated in both. Its fun to play in the futurities at the National level.

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