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Sep 15, 2003
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With all these REALLY cute foals being born, and people sharing pictures (thanks, it is one of my favorite things!) I got to thinking - What did those really famous horses look like as foals????

You know the ones I am talking about - Sid's Husker, or Rowdy, or Boone's Little Buckaroo, or Little King's Buck on Broadway. I'm sure you can think of many more!

How did they look as foals? I bet I am not the only one who wonders if the cute little foal in my pasture will grow up to look like one of these famous show-ring beauties.

Does anyone have pictures of the really famous horses as little foals?
Yea come on guys i want to see too

Neat request!

It will take some time for me to get. I have to upload them on a web page then -here. First I gotta find some!

But the foal in my avatar is this one below. He is eight years old now and was a weanling in that photo. This photo shows him as a two year old, or maybe he was three?

Dimimore said:
Oh Goody!

ok i have two requests for 1 pic of FWF Kewpies Charro of Arenosa as a foal

and one of orion as a foal

pretty pretty pretty please

i cant shut up about him in my head

u Jacquee for the idea
MIzbeth, I just LOVE that B/W horse of yours! Obviously he just got better and better.

I can't get enough of loud colored B/W Tobianos.(Overos nest on my list along with Buckskins)

Hi Maxine

Thank you! Mime is not black tho, but certainly is a VERY DARK bay (black/bay)and appears black at some times of the year.

Here is a foal photo of Buckeroo.


This is a favorite personal photo of Buckeroo - last September on a visit to the Eberths and their amazing ranch! My daughter Anna meeting the Grandsire and Great-grandsire of two of her colts.

I think it was as a yearling Buckeroo was considered ugly. If that's an ugly foal, I'll take a field full of them, please
Yes, I had thought it was as a yearling, but changed my post.

But really, he was not a bad looking colt, but not spectacular either... I think it great that rather ordinary foals can and certainly do "un-fold" to become the most extrordinary horses. Wish I had a crystal ball!
Look at that picture carefully- I'd have bought that colt and paid whatever they were asking!!! It's a bad, B& W photo, BUT- level top line, fantastic length of neck for such a young foal, fantastic head (remember this was 28 years ago!!) nice, short coupled back, good leg length for a foal, good shoulder set- No, I'd have snapped him up- COLOUR to die for, what do you want??? BLOOD??? Maybe he was ill as a weanling, or did not make up or something???
Well CockRobin was never a "National" Champion, as he was never shown at Nationals. But, he did win several Championships at the shows he WAS shown at.

Here he is as a day old foal 28 years ago.


and here he is today!


Wow, Dona what a neat baby picture of CockRObin! Was that in one of the Hemlock Brooks ads in one of the old MHW issues? Too cool!

Ginny Long
I think it is the picture that makes people ''think'' he was ugly as a foal!~ it is black and white and not very clear!! I dont think he was ugly!! I would like to see a picture of him as a foal in color and a clearer picture!

Ginny said:
Wow, Dona what a neat baby picture of CockRObin!  Was that in one of the Hemlock Brooks ads in one of the old MHW issues?  Too cool!
Ginny Long


You're right Ginny!
That picture was on the cover of the MHW way back when they were the small 5 x 7 size. Kendra (Hemlock Brooks Farm) used another shot of CockRobin with her boys in other ads as well. Those are the only pics I have of him as a foal.
What a neat idea!! I love seeing some of these outstanding horses as foals.

I LOVE the baby picture of Buckeroo, but I especially LOVE the one of Michelle's granddaughter Anna with him! What a darling picture of a gorgeous horse and a gorgeous little girl!!!
Anna is Michelle's daughter... not her granddaughter. Buckeroo is the grandsire of of a couple of her horses, and the great grandsire of several more. So you can say Anna was meeting a member of her extended family. Obviously they seemed to get along well!

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