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This video went on for 10 plus minutes, so I tried really hard to cut it down so I don’t bore you 🤣🤣 they were just so playful this afternoon! Poor Breezy didn’t get to join in on the fun because I had him tied up. 💕💕

They are all a ball of energy and they ALL love each other! They NEVER leave marks on one another, they might “kick“ but they NEVER strick each other. They are just horsing around having a blast and enjoying themselves! 💕💕

I HAVE the answer to, "why can't stormy run this fast in the cart?"

You need a Thunder's head puppet!! You could put it on a stick, like this:


Make a Thunder puppet to fit over this. Then, whenever you want Stormie to go faster, you can just "clack, clack, clack" it around his withers and he'll M-O-V-E!!🤣
I can’t see them ☹️ for me the video is stuck on trees 😝 ill try again later, might be my internet connection 🤷🏻‍♀️

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