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Aug 24, 2004
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Rockford, IL
My friend filly had the colic surgery, ended up a impaction. Well she was doing very good after the surgery the first day. Last night I went with her to pick the filly up and she was in colic again.

Not my filly but I stressed to the vet that this has been going on since the beginning of July. Diarhea, colic, diarhea, colic, then cow patties, back to diarhea and then this recent bought with impaction.

I asked the vet to do some bloodwork on this filly, that this impaction colic was the result of weeks of problems. But I didn't feel we had gotten to the root of her problems and if we didn't find the cause then this may continue.

She has never run a fever, has never lost weight in any way. She has eaten dirt in large quanitities but to me there is a reason for that also. Deficient somewhere, calcium, phos, etc. Wouldn't I blood test help determine this.

Another friend thought it was possible the filly was having difficulty with the mothers milk??? She had one with diarhea and this ended up being the problem, once removed the colt did fine.

Also wouldn't pain management be important after colic surgery. I am thinking the pain from the surgery would show as colic. Being a 3 month old filly, I would think she wouldn't understand the pain from the surgery. She also got taken from her dam immediately which would cause stress also.

Guys I am so confused over all of this. But just believe if they would keep her on pain meds for a few days it would help her overcome the surgery pain. A HUMAN wouldn't be expected to go without pain meds for a while.

Sorry for the novel this is just really bothering me.


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