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That's a drag - I was interested in reading the article and it says "404 Error - Not Found"!! Can you refind and repost the page? It does sound interesting!

Liz R.
i've never understood why people would use some of those products! I do use cashel pads which are closed cell foam but i also use a wool felt bad under them (which has lasted me like 10 years of hard use). anyone that's ever worn a wet suit in warm weather would know how uncomfortable that is. I've always refused to use it on my animals..poor things...

It's definatly a problem i've seen in saddle pads over the years and i think that's a good article. Wool is a WONDERFUL product. they say fire and chemicals are the onlything that will harm it..which isn't nessarily true. Wool is even naturally fire retardant so unless it's thrown right into a fire (and then it doesn't even burn well) it wouldn't be likely to burn. You can make oven mitts and pot holders out of it because of it's high heat resistance and fire retardant nature. Washing it can be an issue if you wash in hot/warm water with agitation but otherwise it's very easy to maintain. I'm a huge advocate of the stuff!
Good article - thanks for fixing the link!

Liz R.
Thanks for sending that. I have a DVD by Dr. Harman about saddle fitting. I need to pull that out as I'm going to buy a new Western saddle--one that fits my horse better.
Thanks for the info. I can remember years back using just a saddle blanket with no pad under it, what a differance a few years make.

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