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Feb 3, 2004
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On average, when do your foals usuallly start eating hay and/or grain?

What kind of grain do you start them out on? I feed Nutrena Safechoice to the rest of the herd. I know that the local feed stores sell Allegra Baby. Any opinions?
by a week most of ours eat a bit of hay. by two weeks most are eating a bit of grain. our mares are on mare and foal feed so they just eat with the mare. Shade is now 5 weeks old and fights his dam for grain lol
Foals will start nibbling on hay as early as a few days old. I use Buckeye Foal Starter. It advises to start introducing it at around the same time. My little one last year started nibbling on it as little as 2 days old, if I remember correctly.

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