Foal Diarrhea... It seems there is more this year.

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Nov 30, 2002
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Since we worm our mares when they give birth we normally don't have many foals with the scours, but this year has been unusual.

I've also noticed a higher number of posts from people with foals having problems with diarrhea....for whatever reasons.....

Obviously it isn't just foal heat scours but what's going on???? The weather????

Yes Mare, you're right and I have already added it to my lengthy list of things to freak out about.

Hmm...the one filly I had this year did not get the scours at all.

She does, however, tend to have a bit of nervous diarrhea, it would times, but she gets over it right away.

Liz M.
Donna and I were just talking about this the other day, we too worm right away and never have foals with it but this yr, some of them do. Mine have never before but I don't know why either, it's odd.
Yep, us too--have NEVER had problems with this in previous years, but sure do this year. One filly is fairly persistant with it, the others come & go.
Hi Gang

Yep, add us to this horrible list of foal diarrhea. I wormed at foaling. Both fillies

are fine, no problems so far. Praying they don't. Our colt has it. We been fighting

it for a month tomorrow. I posted on the other thread about it.

I have noticed more posts about this as well. I too worm right after the mare foals with zimectrin and have been very fortunate and not had it in a single foal.

Another thing I do is I keep mares bag very clean. I wash it very well when I know she is imminent to foal and then I wipe it down again with a very diluted Nolvasan wash after she foals before the foal nurses. I continue this routine for several days while she is still having discharge and especially when she is in foal heat.

I also am wondering if the extreme heat and rain has been a factor in the amount of bug ites that the mares get on their udders.

Another thought I have is to put a in lkine water filter on the hose that you water with. I always carry one with me to shows as we are on a water system with very minimal added things and you never know what kind of water you will get at a show. I am going to start selling them at the shows as I think there is a market for them. I plan on bringing several to AMHR Nationals if anyone is interested.
Yep, been having foals since late 80's. This is the first year that we have had two (out of four foals ) that needed to be treated for diarrhea for almost a month........... As I stated on the other threads Bio Sponge usually helped in the past. Vet said to keep trying things until something worked. Pepto helped but didn't cure. The Imodium Ad is what worked for us this year..
I guess im glad its not just me, this is going on the 10th day of diarrhea for Image and I was beginning to wonder about him.