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Mar 12, 2006
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Suffield, CT
Jake was born Friday May 3 around 2 PM, ending our foaling season, and likely our miniature breeding venture, on a high note!! But we are not sure what color he is? Sire is SRF Buckshot, a chestnut tobiano/splash who carries agouti, and dam is Buckeye WCF Last Dance, a silver black tobiano/splash with blue eyes. Neither carries frame. We plan to test for tobiano (to see if H/Z), red/black, agouti, and silver so can let everyone know how good their guesses were. BTW, we don't really care what color he is as we feel we hit the jackpot and he is a keeper. Once he gets those long legs figured out we think he will be showing of some awesome movement too! We have seen glimpses already, as he can REALLY use those hocks.

His tail seems (to me) to have some black in it (see below) and I "think" I see silver in the mane, or at least something to suggest he isn't chestnut. And those look like paw prints to me (she says wishfully)... So, is he chestnut, silver bay, or silver black and is he H/Z for tobiano?




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I have no clue what color he is but here is my guess: Homozygus silver bay and cute! Let us know the test results!
I don't know the color, but my guess is definatly has silver.

So since he can't be chestnut and be silver maybe bay or black
He looks Bay and White, no Silver to me- as I have to say in that photo, so does his dam.....
I'm going to agree with Jane, both are regular bay. And, I'll add; I vote he's homozygous for tobiano.
She doesn't look it in the pics you've shared, she looks so bay to me; but, since you've seen her in person you should know. [My silver dapples are much more grey looking. Or mousy brown in winter. Very different from my two bays.]
My guess for the foal is bay pinto - homozygous tobiano.

Mare looks silver black / dapple to me. :)

He looks bay which is wild as I had expected a silver like the dam and a chestnut.
I don't think he carries silver. I think he is a bay pinto and I would guess very possibly homozygous for tobiano also.
Whatever color he turns out to be, he's a be - u - t - ful boy! I'm leaning towards either bay or silver bay. I can't really tell in these pics (surprisingly).

How's he doing? Dancer good with him (I remember she's a maiden)? Whacha' calling him?
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Dancer is being a great mom, he is doing great so far, and we are calling him Jake. Gary and I have both been sick and busy (great combination !) so have not pulled hairs yet but will try today. Here is another shot, but I don't know if it helps with color. I am going to guess that he does carry silver...

I'm betting he's silver bay and homozygous for tobiano.
He is sensational!! Congrats! Can't wait to hear the verdict on his color too.
After seeing this latest picture, I say silver bay. I thought the tail looked so black in the first pics, he did not carry silver, but sure shows it in this one.
I vote silver bay and Homozygous for tobiano , I also think he carries splash