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Sep 10, 2006
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Lake Placid, Florida
It was on here a few weeks back and I can't seem to find it. If someone has it could you please post it for me. Thankyou!!!!
Check out the feed store for concentrated LIVESTOCK flyspray. Read the back and be sure it lists that it's okay for horses. It will cost 1/10th as much for the same stuff if it comes with a picture of a cow vs. a picture of a horse
I have that kind for routine use here and one 32ounce highly concentrated bottle lasts me a couple years. For shows, I have the fancier / smells nicer stuff but can't say it really works any better than this inexpensive livestock stuff I have
It gets mixed something like 1 part to 30.
Thankyou everyone. Mainly I was after the "homemade recipe" because I don't like to use anything with pesticides on my lactating or pregnant mares and I needed some relief for my little guys as well. I'm going to try fly predators this year even though I'm starting a bit late for Florida. I'm skeptical on them working overly well as we are surrounded on all 4 sides by cattle. We'll see. I'm so dreading the stinky fly traps. GRRR... The downside of warm weather

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