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Aug 4, 2005
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Im getting the pre show jitters. I have worked with mask and he does everything i asked i practiced sanding and polishing and cleaning his hooves, brushing , combing and rebrushing his mane and tail , keeping his white but and legs and tail white(not very easy lol) and clipping his feet and chin. but I had no idea i had to clip his body and im nervous to try because i do not want to screw up with the show being so close any advice? what should i do?

Hi, do you have any other horses. I clipped all our mares and other stallions

who were not showing to get the hang of it. Or is there someone close by who

might help you with the first clipping.

If not, how long till the show? I would try to clip a head, so if you do mess it up, it will grow out and you can redo it. I clip our stallion, and week later he needs to be re-done. Trying clipping with to with blades like a 8 or 10 first, then clip with the blades you want.

White on the body is harder to clip, you may get lines, so clip this area out a little bit, to see how long it takes to look good. I am not a trainer. Clip against the hair and follow the patterns of the body. On the inside of ears, muzzle and over the eyes, I clip with a 40. The rest we clip with a 10 or 15. On the whites try a 10 first.

Wishing you the best with clipping and the show.

Hope it helps some

if the show is really close and you have no horse to practice on i wouldnt body clip him. Just clean up his face and fetlocks and go and have fun. Its a first show for both of you so really a big learning experience. Just make sure hes really clean.

Also i believe hes a stallion so dont forget the vicks!


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