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Marsha Cassada

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Apr 20, 2005
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Southwest Oklahoma
I thought it might be fun to start a topic with our grooming time. We aren't always driving or training, but we can still spend time with our equines. Let's talk about what kind of grooming and when we groom.

Today I had to wash my gelding's tail with Selsun Blue. He has trouble with some kind of "dandruff" on his tail. He is 24. The water was cold, but he didn't seem to mind. I cleaned my mare's female areas. The white deposit on the vulva is calcium; I asked my vet about it. Her udder was caked with whatever that is that accumulates there. I try to check her every few weeks. Cleaned out their feet and washed their faces. They enjoyed the attention.


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Aug 4, 2008
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Catlettsburg Kentucky
I spend a lot of time with mine, as I really have nothing "better" or more important to do and they are so close.
A quick groom takes 10 min per horse, a good groom takes 20-30 min per horse.
I usually (if my hands aren't freezing) give mine a once over every day before letting them out in the pasture.
In the winter I use a dog slicker brush, it's great for manes and tails as well as the rest of the body. In the warm weather I use different brushes, rubber curries and a microfiber cloth. They always get their feet cleaned even if I can't brush them. They know when their feet get cleaned they are going out and line up!
I try once a week to literaly "go over them with a fine tooth comb" or flea comb to assess skin condition and get out any clumps or hiding hay.
I keep bridal paths neat and faces long clipped. I don't like their beards and it makes the halters fit funny.
Hoohahs and udders get cleaned if it's not too cold or when they start rubbing their tails. I use baby wipes a lot, they are good for poop stains and touch ups. About once a week with the combing.
Rock E's yoohoo gets cleaned about once a year.
They get a bath at least once a year, twice if I can manage it. Tails as needed.

And I can't wait for the spring clipping! I love seeing them all shiny and new after the winter fuzzies.

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