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Sep 23, 2005
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Hudson, Fl
Abby and I had our first driving lesson from Bob Giles. It was great.
He tweaked my harness and cart, then to the ring we went. I warmed her up for a few minutes then Bob tried her out............


He was pleased with how well she was reining for being so green. He gave her back to me and he wanted me to work on our dressage test for the upcoming show. All was going well until Abby saw a peacock in the ring.
She did a sliding stop that a reining horse would be proud of and then promptly reared up and did a lovely change of direction..............


We battled that bird the whole lesson but it was a good lesson for us to learn, I'm told you never know what you may come across on the marathon. I've tried to throw everything at my horses, umbrellas, black garbage bags, tarps, you name it, but a peacock that's hard to find! We did have some really nice halts on centerline good and square............


It was a good day, until I got home, my son backed into my trailer, messing up my fender and popping his tire. Then my other son called and he has to have surgery for the second time on his shoulder! What a day!

Glad you had a good day of driving! Abby looks good in harness.

maybe your son needs a few more driving lesson :DOH! Or better yet a mini to drive, lol

Hope your son shoulder surgery goes well.

Best wishes!
Finally home where I can see those pictures...she looks great! Very promising greenie.

She and You look great!!! Love the rearing peacock pix, Im sure u were not thrilled at the time but u gotta admit thats a great distraction. Best of luck on the dressage test.

Im tuning up my shetland to drive in an upcoming show too.
Thanks Jen, By the way the boys are doing great, Eagle follows me everywhere, even up the steps into the feed room! Annie shes still pretty much the same. Good luck with your show too your new guys are so nice, Kathy
Sounds like you had a great lesson! I'm so jealous, I emailed my coach to set up a lesson now that the weather is better (fingers crossed, anyway!), only to find out she's booked into July!!

Abby looks great, even while she's rearing!!

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