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Jul 31, 2004
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I can announce my first mini foal!!!!
We've been breeding Paints/AQHA/TB's for many many years but never a mini. So, last year I bred my mare, Beast, a grulla mare to a buckskin and white pinto stallion. On April 27, we were witness to our first mini baby's birth! Thank goodness we were there, the foal was stuck, one front leg over the neck, hoof between the ears. It was a super tight squeeze but we managed to wiggle him loose. His eyes were very bloodshot from the pressure of being stuck and the placenta came out inside out! We are soooo happy with this little guy! He is 18 inches tall and absolutely perfect. The pics make him look darker than he is but his color is grulla like momma. OMG, he is so cute and loves to get kissed on that tiny little nose. We just sit and stare at him, he's like a little toy! My husband and I have had so many babies born and we are like clockwork when it's time to foal but this one, well, we went completely stupid, like it was our first one! We all survived though and are very pleased with our new baby.

Introducing A.P., Fires Awesome Perfection






Oh wow! He's a handsome little devil! Way to start off your breeding program! What's his breeding?
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Well I'll say you did it right on the 1st time!!

Congrats on your Beautiful baby!!

I agree .........he is Beautiful!!!!! :)

Susan O.
LOL! I'm so sleep deprived I don't even remember Beasts registered name! I still have 2 big horse mares to foal out and they are toying with me!!! The sire's name is Dances With Fire, my brain just completely stopped when I tried to remember my own horses name! I'm not all that good with mini pedigrees but have been told that Beast sports a very nice one! She's a real nice mare, the pics make her look like a blimp (I know how she feels
) but she has slimmed right back to her normal shape already. I try every day to get new pics of them but something takes my attention away, namely, 2 mares that think it's real funny to wax up, wander around aimlessly, act like they are gonna drop then decide, naw, not now! I think they have a bet going on who can hold out the longest, or at least which one of their owners are gonna drop from exhaustion!

Now I'm real curious to look at the Beasts papers and see what her name is at least!!!

PS: I used to call her Rika but she earned the name Beast because she used to be in a pasture with Palo Verde trees. I had trimmed the tree's to above my head so she couldn't poke her eye out. Well, the trees kept getting more and more trimmed. Couldn't figure out how until I spotted her walking on her back feet, eating the tree!!! At first she could only hop up and down, then slowly, she figured out her balance and would actually WALK from branch to branch. Her butt is so big from doing that! I've never had a mare that spends so much time rearing up. Even pregnant, I tied her up on Saturday after bathing her so she wouldn't roll. She got mad because she couldn't roll so she stood up on her back legs and just sat there, like the lipazzan levade I think it's called! I laughed at her and told her to knock it off cuz she was gonna dump her baby out if she kept doing that, sure enough, next morning, out came little A.P.!
congratulations very nice first mini colt..
Congratulations on a beautiful boy! I still remember our first mini foal after raising big appaloosas. So glad you were there to help 'get him out.'

Pam C.
That is so WONDERFUL!
Enjoy every moment!
I'm addicted to smooching mini foal noses too!

Enjoy your precious baby! What a cutie!
I LOVE the colouring!! Congratulations on a beautiful and healthy foal!
Awww congratulations on a beautiful little baby! Your mare has a very sweet face them both!
Congratulations on a nice colt!! We had raised some QH babies too in the past, but this is a whole different ballgame LOL. We had our first big horse foal in probably 15 years just last year and I was in shock, she seemed so huge!!


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