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Oct 1, 2003
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Does anybody remember off the top of their heads what the stalls, and tack stall expenses are for Nationals this year?

I'm hearing that Tulsa has been really dinging other association shows with higher fees to cover the cost of their improvements (which coincidentally are still going on), so was wondering if the cost increase will have any impact on what we are paying this year, or if AMHR negotiated at a fixed cost so many years in advance. Anyone know?
Here you go:

Youth classes = $15

Ammy = $25

Open = $35

Stakes = $50

Super G Futurity = $25

Futurity 3 year olds = $20

Futurity 2 year olds = $10

Office Fee Per Horse = $5

Horse / Tack Stall = $50 (max 2 horses per stall)
Thanks guys, that's what I thought I remembered, but didn't have my booklet here at work with me. I'm hearing that the Pinto and Palomino World shows inlcuded an extra $50 fee to cover the facility improvements. In retrospect, we've got a REALLY good deal price-wise for a National caliber show.
I think it helps that we do not make as much of a mess to clean up and we have such a large show.
I think the prices are really good, hardly any more than many of the AMHR shows we go to.

We went to the World Pinto Show in June and paid:

$150 per stall (only one horse per stall)

$75 office admin fee per horse

$60 per class ($80 per class for the classes we added late)

Plus other incidentals bought on grounds were all expensive....we attended AMHR Nationals last year and EVERYTHING at Pinto World was a lot more expensive, right down to concession food, photos, vendor prices, etc.

We had fun at the show and will probably go again next year but I am filling out forms for AMHR Nationals and the check I send will be less than half of what it cost for Pinto Worlds.
I bet they are dinged because maybe they demanded the improvements be made in order to stay there.

Otherwise they should have read their contracts better before they signed them, if they are adding costs on top of an already done contract.
Don't tell AMHR but we have been talking about how incredibly inexpensive the National show fees are. We pay more than that for local shows in our neck of the woods. Be glad you aren't APHA as they are $250 per stall and $100 per class.
I agree its cheaper to go the Nationals then it is to the local shows around here.
[SIZE=14pt]That isnt much more than we paid for stalls and classes at the area 1 regionals. Thankfully AMHR is keeping going to the nationals affordable. I pay over 100 for a local show for 1 day......it is only costing me 300 for 3 horses to go for the whole show already entered in two classes a piece and I can add some driving classes for Carbon there. We also got our room for 40 dollars a night![/SIZE]

Well if you ever been in the race horse barns for the past 2 years $50 seems pretty reasonable to me. However if you are ever in the other barns there stalls are so much better and $50 is pretty cheap considering for staying there over a week!

But we can keep this hush, hush to AMHR lol.

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