Everyone STILL on Mare Stare, Please Check In!

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Nov 30, 2002
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I'll check in first, okay? Desi is STILL pregnant!

She's got all the signs, her Ph test is dropping, her calcium test is the highest it can go, BUT she's still a "wide load" (foal hasn't totally dropped into position).

How's everyone else doing????


PS. Why is it the LAST one doing this??? I'm going to need a face-lift from all the bags under my eyes when this is all done!
Yawwnnnnnnnnn 3 under cams....slowww progresss.... yawwnnnnnnnn 5 more outside mares to go after these....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Toothpicks in my eyes too. My last mare is being a little begger. She is 309 days today. She waxed for 6 days and then quit 3 days ago LOL. Foal is positioning i think. Lots of sticky milk and the back door is almost off the hinges.

We have guests here from the World Sign Painters Convention the 6,7, & 8th so maybe she is waiting to add some excitement into those days/nights!

Too tired to spell right.
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Well 2 more for sure, possibly 3 more too. The last due is a mare I bought pregnant in foal for sept.
Bluebell said:
and the back door is almost off the hinges.


TELL me about it! Desi is white (grayed out) and she's turning back to the pinto she used to be on her butt and neck!

I'm on mare stare and don't even know when they are due or if they are pregnant! I have two mares that could drop a foal anytime from right now until the end of September. Both are possibly pasture bred to a 29.5" black and white stallion. Rhapsody is a 33.5" grey splash overo and Snazzy is a 32" bay pinto.

Don't know when or how they will foal..but keeping a close eye on them. Neither appear imminent right now (no big bags, no dialation, etc).
Bluebell, make use of them!! Have them paint a sign saying "HAVE YOUR FOAL NOW!!!"
My one and only foal of the year should be born in the next couple of days. I was sure she was going to go last night but nope, fooled me. She was pasture bred before I bought her(and they didn't tell me until I picked her up) and needs to come on with it so I can get her bred back for my silver bay appy baby next year. The baby is dropped, her udder is full & tight with colostrum type milk, her vulva is elongated and loose and bright red inside. I'm hoping tonight before 11:59! She's been huge for months so I'm sure she'll be happy to get the baby out.

Rhapsody Rhodes

Appy Hollow Farm
I have another month to wait. My mini mare, E & J's Precious By Design is due in early August. I am excited as this will be my first mini foal born here. Kind of hope for a filly so that i can keep it. Des has had 7 foals already, this will be number 8. She had a filly, then a colt, then a filly, then 4 colts in a row so I think she is due for a filly.
I was so hoping for a Fourth of July foal..............sigh........ doesn't look like it.

FIVE more to go!!!!
Me me to, add me to the list to. I am still watching one more, maybe a second late fall. But for sure one left. 3 down and 1 to go.

rabbitsfizz said:
Bluebell, make use of them!! Have them paint a sign saying "HAVE YOUR FOAL NOW!!!"

Well they are painting me a new farm sign so i guess they may as well make that one too LOL
We have a break now and then one more foal to be born sired by Carousel Designer Legacy a little bit later this year... :)

Ginny Long
waiting on 2 here and going nuts. Im so ready for it to be over. Hey i have never used the milk strip tests so maybe someone here can help.

Tested patches today and the strip showed all 3 squares turned quickly. The last square turned about 3/4 of the way but still has a bit on green on one end. What does that mean?


When the last square turns color you want to be on HIGH ALERT. She is getting close, though.

I have 1 mare due now, she is at 331 days, and a maiden mare at 312 days. Although it looks like the maiden might go first. I am new to this so can anyone tell me ...does the color and size come from the sire and the conformation come from the mare? I have been told this or do I have it backwards??
I am waiting and watching for change on a maiden mare that was pasture bred! No idea when she is due but she is very large, no resistance in her tail, vulva looks relaxed BUT she has absolutely NO BAG, she is starting to 'bag up' in front of her bag, this is new for her?? She is rubbing on everything, including me she loves me messaging her rump!!

I have another maiden who was exposed to the same stallion but I don't think she is bred, really hope she is not! They came from the same place! Of course, I wasn't told they had been exposed at all, until I Questioned it!!!!!

Fingers crossed it will all go well!!
Just got my camera and lights set up today. She isn't due till the end of the month, but she always goes early and she's pretty well 'bagged-up" already, as has been for awhile. Got my fingers crossed for another filly...greedy of me, I know.

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