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Westwood Farms

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Feb 19, 2004
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China, Texas
Hi, we are evacuating for Gustov, and I am wondering if there is a safe haven for 2 large horses and a mini? We need north Texas or further.
Well we are a little far in West Tennessee but we do have room if you need it!! Best of luck!!
h2t99 Thanks so much for the offer. My friend has my trailer and one of my minis, and she has her 2 horses. Everyone else is staying home, hoping they all survive like they did with Hurricane Rita.

She may end up your way, but I am hopeful someone in Texas will offer.

Thanks millions


Oh, Little Ribbie, thanks to you, too
I did read of a place on craigs list houston that will board. I am in Splendora Texas. I wish I could help but I am getting two new minis and my Paint is being moved also. I dont know if we would be that much safer anyway.

I sure hope someone can help you.
Sorry I am so far away in Florida! But I feel your pain.....we have had our share of storms!!

Good Luck and Hope everybody makes it safely thru the storm!!!
I personally am not too concerned with this storm, but others around here are frantic, which is interesting to watch. It may not even come our way, but we have to be prepared.....
I understand what you mean. I am also watching and taking precautions. But we wont be evacuating. However my Paint is 7 months in foal and will be moved soon anyhow so now is the time.

I have a safe place for my minis during the storm.

I sure hope it doesnt take us by surprise and give us a direct hit.
I will be thinking of all equine friends down south. I hope it breaks up before it hits land, but Godspeed to everyone!
Thanks everyone, we have found a place a bit north of us. It is better than nothing. Good luck to all our Gulf Coast neighbors, We are all in this together!
Hi, we are evacuating for Gustov, and I am wondering if there is a safe haven for 2 large horses and a mini? We need north Texas or further.
May need an evacuation place for 5 minis. Not sure that we will evacuate for Gustov, but may have no choice.

I would like a place for my 5 minis to stay until the storm passes. My area is currently under a mandatory evacuation.

I am located near Beaumont, Texas and would like to go East of Houston and North of I-10.

Let me know if you have a place or know of a location that accepts minis, dogs and two people.
good luck, debbiearena, I hope you can find a place, good for you for taking all your animals!
Wish we could help, but we are right out of galveston and that might be like getting out of the pot and into the fire depending on which way it goes. Stay safe and good luck.
As i posted earlier im in SE OK and i have room for people and animals (on the plus side im only 2 hours from tulsa where the nationals are being held lol)

just call the numbers at the bottom of my post
We are in Georgia and have a open pasture. We would be more than happy to help anyone out.
If one of the mods is reading this i was wondering about pinning a thread for places for the people fleeing the hurricane

instead of posting to 2 different threads

just a thought
Well, I don't know how safe my place will be, but anyone wanting to come here with horses is welcome. I am on the east side of Houston in Crosby. I can't leave, I have no way to move the 100+ minis here, so we are getting prepared. I have large pastures and a HUGE covered area where we will keep the animals. So, if anyone wants to chance it, you are welcome.


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