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Walt's Fault

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MHT Supporter
Aug 5, 2020
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Windsor (Gainesville) Florida
Have you ever thought about how much horses 20211104_155525.jpg change out lives? 4 years ago I had several small strokes, lost a lot of memories, the ability to process information or figure out how to do simple things and my sense of smell. I grew up around horses, cleaning stalls, grooming and riding but never paid much attention to them. Just after my first stroke my wife told me she would find me down the street at the stable petting horses across the fence. 6 months later and more strokes things turned from bad to worse. We lost out business, we became homeless and received zero help from the VA, our church or family. My wife answered a Craigslist add for free housing for farm help. She was scared because she new nothing about horses and didn't know if I would remember enough to do the work. I was spending every waking hour in the fields bonding with the horses. We took care or almost 40 horses including 6 Clydesdales. Within a few months the horses accomplished what therapist, medications and doctors could not. My wife went back to school and got her Masters in Library Information Science and just before graduation she found a job as a Librarian with great benefits. We now have our own house with several acres and I spend my days tending to our gardens and spending a lot of time with our miniature horse Yazhi, miniature donkey Butterscotch and our 16.2hh Thoroughbred River. Horses rescued me so it was our turn to rescue them.
A powerful story, Walt. You both went through extremely difficult circumstances but held on to hope and possibilities. Yes, we usually think we’re leading our horses but it is often the other way around. ♥

Thank you for sharing and reminding us, as we approach Thanksgiving, to give thanks for all of our blessings....four footed and otherwise.

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