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Nov 30, 2002
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I went back about 9 pages and didn't see anything. Not sure if it was discussed or not. We have a store here that is selling Equine Merit feed. Until Sept. you can buy 2 and get 2 free. The 'Pleasure' feed is 7.95 per sack. Don't want to change the feed on my show horses, but could sure use a price break on all the others. Must use coupon, but no limit on how many you use. Has anyone fed this or know anything about it?

Thanks for any info.

I haven't used that feed brand, but perhaps you could try the search feature at the top of the page. Maybe, you'll have some luck finding a discussion, if there was one previously. I've used the search feature many times and find it very helpful.

i just started feeding this feed the 14% sweet feed its as close to the feed i was feeding the horses like it and had no problems $3.95 that a great deal i am planing to stock up if i can before the pro mo goes off i'm getting it at ft smith ar

Equine Merit Pleasure 14% Sweet Feed by Land O' Lakes Purina Feed LLC

Shoreview MN.

I feed Merit feeds. I sure wish they were having that sale here.

I've been really happy with it.

I feed the senior pellets to my older brood mare (she's an oldenberg), She's also a hard keeper and does really well on it. It has beet pulp mixed into it, so it helps with her weight.

I feed the active peelets to my younger minis (3 months old and 3year old). They also are doing really well on it. I feed it by weight and then they get grass hay to eat with it. They are carrying nice weight (not to heavy or too light) a nd their coats look great.

my older mini who is constantly fat gets the merit pleasure and grass hay. He is pretty chunky and we are always trying to get him to lose some weight.

As I said, I've been happy feeding Merit foods, it always smells fresh and its conistant in its texture and quality.


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